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A floppy disk DRIVE can read, erase and save information on a floppy disk. The disk can't do it by himself.

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2007-05-16 16:55:48
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Q: Does a floppy disk read and save information?
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How do you save information onto a diskette?

You would need a Floppy Disk Drive, then copy the information and paste them into the disk's drive.

Difference between pen drive and floppy disk?

A Floppy disk is a disk put inside of the computer to save information. A pen drive is a USB connection to a portable storage device.

How much can a floppy disk save up to?

A floppy disk can typically save up to 1.44 mega bytes of data. 1.44MB

How do you save in cave story?

Find a Floppy Disk.

How are data stored on floppy disk?

well u type the in on de computer n do waever lol

How do you put an Email on a floppy disk?

You cannot put an actual website email on a floppy disk. You can save the email as a word document and then you could save it on there like any other file.

What will corrupt data save on a floppy disk?

If you put it on a floppy disk. It's a storage device nothing more. By the way flashdrives are smaller and store a lot more data.

These disks made their first appearance in 1960?

The floppy disk of the computer world made its first appearance in 1960. This allowed for the storage capacity of the computer to be increased. The computer at that time did not automatically save things the user was working on unless there was a floppy disk to save it to.

Copy a program on floppy disk to a CD?

to do this you must first save what ever is on the floppy disc onto your computer or laptop and then transfer the file from the floppy on to an empty CD disc and then it is done

How do you use flash drives?

connect it to the computer. save info and documents on them it's like a floppy disk.

What is the advantage of a floppy disc?

The advantage of a floppy disc is to save and keep your information safe and when your computer shuts down your information will be safe and not gone!!

When you click save on the monitor and there is no floppy disk in a drive the document or application youre using is stored where?

rom memory

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