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A gunite pool shell IS waterproof before plastering.

First, gunite/shotcrete is not water proof. The reason for the plaster is to make the pool water proof. You don't have to and should not water proof gunite because it will affect the bonding properties for the plaster.

Contrary to the previous answer, Gunite is in fact "waterProof" when correctly applied. Unless there are improperly prep'd cold-joints (the point at which one application has stopped for some reason -perhaps rain, slow truck turnaround, etc- and begun at a later time), a Gunite pool could virtually be "painted", providing a high steel-trowel finish was applied to the Gunite. But, Gunite pops (begins to set and cure) faster than typically appied Marblite or Diamond Bright type cementitious finishes. Actually, the Gunite "finish" surface is purposely left fairly rouch, providing a better surface to which the finish/color material may bond.

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Q: Does a gunite pool shell have to be waterproofed before plastering?
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You are in the process of building a new pool and you are at the gunite stage they did the gunite 2 weeks ago and you noticed that there is rebar and wire ties showing in the gunite is this bad?

Rebar and or ties exposed in a gunite/shotcrete pool shell is bad but not unrepairable. The exposed steel can rust, and may bleed through the plaster leaving a stain. It may also cause the plaster to delaminate in that area. To remedy the situation the rebar and ties should be cut back or ground out and into the concrete. Hydraulic cement can be used to patch over the areas before the pool is plastered.

Will standing water in newly shot gunite pool shell cause damage?

No as long as the cement had gone of originally this is not a problem.

How do you repair a gunite pool with exposed rebar before replastering or should you tear it out and rebuild it?

If the rebar is exposed the integrety of your shell has deteriorated, You should start over,Tear it out. If you just cover it over you would most likely have long term problems.

Which is the better choice for a new pool gunite or fiberglass?

Both pools have many features Both fiberglass and gunite swimming pools can have almost all the same custom accessories and great equipment. You can design any size or shape gunite pool shell and customize the surface to almost any color quite easily. A fiberglass pool shell manufacturer is like a boat dealer with a catalog of models produced and custom sizes are generally not available. A fiberglass pool can be installed a bit faster than a gunite pool but the major investment you will make in either project usually never warrants a decision based on a few weeks time built sooner. Your gunite pool can have a built in hot tub or water feature , but your fiberglass pool can also. You have more options with coping on a gunite pool than fiberglass, but your fiberglass pool can still be made to look like a gunite pool if you like. A fiberglass pool shell can have a lifetime warranty for factory defects and most gunite builders also offer a similar warranty, I always say though when is the last time you saw a defective bag of concrete or tub of fiberglass resin? The surfaces of both pools can be as diverse as the pools themselves, you can go with white polyester gel coat on fiberglass or white marcite on gunite, your choice can be a custom quartz finish with a fiberglass pool or a custom quartz finish with a gunite shell also, with each pool shell having a respective warranty for finish from as little as one year to as many as 10 full years or more. Both finishes are very dependent on your skills as a pool-owner to manage them, all information you learned when you bought your pool from a licensed , insured swimming pool professional. Fiberglass pool shells rarely get deeper than 8 foot the minimum standard for a diving pool, while a custom shell with gunite can be built to exceed many standards. The old myths of falty fiberglass and gunite swimming pools have been propagated by dealers long since gone out of business. If your looking for a reliable and safe pool that keeps its value backed by strong dealer sales and service networks fiberglass and gunite are equally great choices and readily available. It's never been a better time to be in the circle of pool ownership. good swimming

If part of a newly sprayed gunite pool shell is not identical to the opposite side can that portion be built up more to match or be redone?

If it is newly sprayed it should not be a problem.

Should the pool construction company fix a 2 year old gunite pool that started developing cracks within the first year?

I believe the contractor should be responsible for repairs if the cracks are due to faulty workmanship such as improper soil compaction or application of gunite in cold weather etc. If the cracks were caused by a force of nature such as a flood this should be covered by homeowners insurance. In closure what was the warranty on the pool. Most reputable gunite applicators provide a warranty on the pool shell.

Could a new 33000 gallon in-ground concrete pool that is empty because it did not receive a plaster layer before winter set in pop out of the ground?

WHEN THE GUNITE SHELL IS SHOT THE CONTRACTOR SHOULD LEAVE RELEIF HOLES IN THE GUNITE SHELL TO ALLOW GROUND WATER TO ENTER THE POOL. IF YOU LIVE IN DEEP FREEZE COUNTRY YOU SHOULD FILL THE HOLES WITH HYDRALIC CEMENT AND FILL THE SHELL WITH WATER. Pool shell inground Do not expect a raw gunite shell to hold water. Adding it to a raw shell dont work.Hire a pool professional, with a license, with references with insurance, did you know there is pop out of the ground insurance? What is your worry really? Then and only then build a pool. Plug the holes in the shell and play pool builder...not a good idea folks. Pools dont pop out of the ground. People pop pools out of the ground - reel fact. Many many pool shells are built in the winter here in Michigan, no problems of course. Lastly could a pool be damaged without - water, yes any pool brand or material can be damaged by water when it is empty real fact. The pool professional licensed builder will know how to avoid damage also. good swimming

One of the metals that can use the inner shell before using the outter shell to bond?

One of the metals that can use the inner shell before using the outer shell to bond is called a transition metal. An example of a transition metal is nickel.

How do you make gunite?

Gunite, or more properly, "dry process shotcrete", is a cementious product consisting of cement, sand and water. The cement and sand are pumped dry through a series of rubber hoses by compressed air. The water is introduced at the end of the hose in the mixing nozzel and the material is sprayed out of the nozzle at high velocity onto the surface that it is being applied to. Gunite is widely used in the construction of swimming pools where it is sprayed onto the walls and floor to create the pool shell. It can be easily shaped to create steps, benches and other features found in pools. Gunite pros- it can be easily transported to job sites and only what is needed can be mixed, so there is little waste. Gunite cons- One property of gunite is called rebound. This is material that bounces back off the application surface as it is being applied. This material is weak and cannot be used in the structure being built. It must be removed and discarded.

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Raccoons love pecans but remove the shell before eating.

Can a gunite pool shell be poured partially then stopped and restarted later?

Yes, the construction can be restarted with no problems at all. Gunite is used to repair old decaying concrete structures, and can be applied overhead (vertically) and sticks to most anything. When you spray gunite onto something, even GLASS, it's stuck ... you WON'T get it off once it's hard, and it only gets harder. Gunite has the highest strength ratings, and as long as you (they) clean the 'seam' by power-washing the joint (can be done with the nozzle), you will not have a problem. We generally shoot the floor first, then over the next day or two do the walls. We have never had a crack, pool builders do this regularly, sometimes the weather can stall your project for weeks. Make sure that once the hull is installed, there is either no plug in the drain, or a hydrostatic valve installed! If the shell remains empty for too long, (if it's plugged) and enough water builds up underneath, it could literally float out of the ground several feet. If that happens, you could have a new layer sprayed on to "level up: the walls, and just have a pool that sticks out of the ground. If applied correctly, your gunite shell should have perfectly straight walls, etc, basically looking like it just needs paint (but a rough surface for plaster or tile to be applied to). Many companies just put in the shell, and leave an ugly rough shell that needs a LOT of plaster work to make the walls, tile, brick, and everything straight.

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A transition metal is one of the metals that can use the inner shell before using the outer shell to bond. A alkaline earth metal is one of the elements of Group 2 of the periodic table.

What is one of the metals that can use the inner shell before using the outer shell to bond?

A transition metal

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How much does it cost to install an above ground pool?

for in-ground estimated costs are $7,000-$16,000 for a vinyl-lined model, $15,000-$25,000 for a fiberglass shell and $17,000-$45,000 for concrete or gunite. But, custom designs can run prices much higher.