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Does a hexagon have four sides and four angles?


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No. A hexagon has 6 sides and 6 vertices (angles).

A polygon with four sides and four angles is a quadrilateral.

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Four exactly? A regular hexagon has 6. But a hexagon can have four obtuse angles. A regular hexagon can be made a lot flatter so that the two angles at the sides become acute, while the remaining 4 are obtuse.

It is a hexagon all of whose sides are of equal measure. Note that it need not be a regular hexagon since the angles need not be equal (in the same way that a rhombus has four equal sides but its angles are not all the same).

A hexagon has six sides and six angles.

There are 6 sides in a hexagon. All angles are 120o.

A hexagon has 6 sides and 6 angles. The prefix comes from the Greek 'hex' for six.

A hexagon has 0 right angles , 6 sides , pairs of parallel sides and 6 vertices

A shape with six sides is a hexagon. A hexagon with all sides and angles equal is a regular hexagon.

A hexagon has six sides and angles; ''hex'' means 6.

The polygon that has 6 sides and 6 angles is a hexagon.

No. A regular hexagon has 6 equal sides and angles.A heptagon has 7 sides.

No because a square has 4 sides whereas a hexagon has 6 sides but they are both polygons

A regular hexagon is a polygon with six sides where all six angles have the same measurement. (And all six sides have the same length.) If the angles of a hexagon do not all have the same measurement, or if the sides are not all of the same length, then the hexagon is irregular.

A hexagon has six sides and six angles.

A plane with six sides and angles is called a hexagon.

The interior angles of a regular hexagon measure 120° A regular hexagon has all sides the same length and all angles are equal.

A 6 sided hexagon has 6 angles that add up to 720 degrees

A hexagon IS a six sided polygon. A REGULAR hexagon is the shape we tend to think of when we say hexagon because it has equal sides and equal internal angles. However, a hexagon can have unequal sides and internal angles and still be a hexagon. A hexagon is just a shape with six sides.

No. The definition of a rectangle is - a parallelogram with four right angles. Hexagons don't have parallel sides and they don't have right angles

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A hexagon has six sides and six interior angles.

If the hexagon's sides and angles are congruent, then it a regular hexagon.

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