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Q: Does a higher volt battery make your airsoft gun shoot harder?
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If I were to replace my airsoft gun's 1500 mAh 7V battery with a 2500 mAh 7V battery would the gun shoot harder or faster or would it just last longer?

It would just last longer between charges.

How can you make your airsoft gun shoot higher?

Keep it clean and get a stronger spring.

Do regular airsoft machine guns shoot multiple times?

If it uses a battery, green gas, or co2 its a full auto and can shoot multiple times.

How do you get an airsoft machine gun to shoot farther?

With a tight bore barrel and sealed nozzle and higher spring

Can you shoot airsoft pellets out of a paintball gun?

No. Paintballs are much MUCH larger than airsoft pellets (.50-inch and higher), the guns' feed mechanisms are completely different.

Are airsoft guns the same as bb guns?

No. Airsoft is a type of sport like paintball so airsoft guns you can shoot people. but please shoot responsibly.

What is the difference between airsoft and BB guns?

Airsoft guns often replicate real guns (such as M16, AK-47, ect,) and shoot little plastic pellets. Airsoft guns are commonly used for the sport of airsoft, which involves a simulation of war where you try to get the other players "out" by shooting them.BB guns are not meant to shoot people. They are single-action where airsoft guns are commonly automatic. They shoot small metal BBs which are generally meant for target practice. They generally have a higher velocity than airsoft guns and are dangerous to shoot at people but are not capable of killing anyone.

Can the police shoot you for having a airsoft gun?

If you use airsoft gun in public place or pretend it's a real gun - yes, you can be shoot. Do not use airsoft guns in public places!

What is the difference between summer and winter airsoft gas?

Summer gas pressure is higher, and so are velocities. The gun will shoot a bit high.

What do you bring to an airsoft game?

You shoot people.

Can you shoot an airsoftgun without a license?

There are no airsoft licences.

Is there such thing as an airsoft plane that can fly and shoot bb's?