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If he is not the biological father, he can volunteer to pay, but he doesn't have to pay. Because he's not the biological father, he can step out at any time.

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Does a father have to pay child support even tho he is not the biological father and signed the birth certificate?

When he signed the birth certificate he became the father until/unless the courts rule otherwise.

Can you receive child support if the father lives in another country?

Under the Hague Treaty, for those countries that signed it.

If i signed the birth certificate do i owe child support?

You are on record as the father. Unless a paternity test can prove otherwise, you are liable for support unless you have custody and do it already.

What is the law on child support in Illinois if you signed the birth certificate and found to not be the father after a DNA test?

Take the DNA results to court and ask for an order declaring that you are not the father.

In the state of Mississippi can someone be made to pay child support on a child who is not really theirs even if they signed the birth certificate?

The man who signed the birth certificate is the child's legal father until/unless a court rules otherwise, and can be made to pay support.

What is the law for a father who live across country and does not pay child support and the mother and father have never been married?

The laws will vary state to state, but if paternity has been established by DNA test or a signed birth certificate and the father is not paying child support, the mother can take him to court for payment.

If ex husband is not the biological father does he have to pay child support?

Yes, if: the child was conceived/born during the marriage; or, he signed an acknowledgment of paternity.

You are the father same last name signed birth certificate do i have to pay child support?

Yes, but if you're not married to her, you have no rights to the child. see link

Should a company be liable if an unauthorized employee signed a contract under the company?

No , if an employee has committed fraud and signed a contract under the company knowingly unauthorized then the company may not held liable.

Does the state of Texas require payment of child support if the parental rights of an adopted child are signed over?

If you are the father, and have signed an agreement to allow the adoption, than no. You have neither rights, nor responsibilities. But, court approval is required.

Can you get child support without a DNA test?

If the parents were married at the time the child was conceived, yes. If the parents are unmarried and the father signed the birth certificate, yes.

If illegal immigrant mother leaves country and father gives up all rights does he still have to pay child support?

If the father gave up all parental rights - then he would not have to pay child support. Plus, if the mother is out of the country and is an illegal immigrant - she would not be a part of the child support system. She would need to be in this country. But, the main things is - if the father "legally" (signed papers) to give up his parental rights, then he is not liable for child support.

In Colorado what are the laws for a mother who has not attempted to see her child in eight years and ordered to pay the father child support?

It is just like if the father did not see the child. He would have to pay child support. Visitation and custody are 2 separate things in the court system. Whether a parent sees a child or not, support is usually still issued. If the judge signed a support order and it is not payed, that parent can go to jail for unpayed child support.

Can an illegal immigrant mother receive child support if she leaves country and father gives up all rights?

If the father Legally gave up his parental rights - (signed legal papers), then he is no longer legally responsible to pay child support for the child. Did he give up parental rights so you could remove the child from the country? A family member of mine had to have her baby's father sign away his parental rights so he would not have to pay child support when he entered the military. So - once parental rights are signed away Legally, the father has NO obligation to pay child support. You cannot have it both ways - you cannot have him sign away his parental rights, yet still expect him to pay child support.

If you sign birth certificate do you have to pay child support if later you are found to not be the father?

No. However, if the alleged father has signed the birth certificate, he is acknowledging that the child is his. There are steps to take in order to be taken off of the birth certificate and relieved of the obligation of child support, including a paternity test and an amendment to the birth certificate.

If the man in question never signed the birth certificate does he have to pay child support?

Not signing a birth certificate will not prevent a person from being required to pay child support. If the man is the father it is very likely that the court will require him to pay.

Is a paternity test required for a child in Pennsylvania if the mother is unmarried?

A paternity test is required when seeking support unless the father has signed an acknowledgment of paternity or so testified in court.

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to support the 2nd Amendment

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