Does a mosquito eat algae?


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YES, especially mosquito larvae

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Mosquito fish are opportunistic omnivores; so if the opportunity to eat algae came along, they would likely eat algae.

Algae, plankton & bacteria

Yes, they do. Mostly mosquito larvae eat them though.

They can eat duckweed, elodea or algae.

Algae, if that counts as a plant.

No. Mosquito larvae graze over plant and rock matter in the water and eat bacteria and algae. Butterfly larvae eat plants on land.

No, a normal mosquito would not eat algae. They mostly feed on the nectar's of flowers, as well as fruit juices. The female mosquito will feed on the blood of humans and other such mammals because it contains the nutrients required for her to reproduces and lay eggs.

Water boatmen do not bite humans. the suck juices from plants and algae. They also eat minute aquatic organisms such as mosquito larvae.

snails,mosquito fish,frogs, mosquito that is all i know

Not under normal conditions. They will be seen picking at plants but they are actually eating bits of algae etc that are on the plants.

You have to put them in a bucket of water that has algae in it.

There are some fish species that only eat algae, there are others that will eat a bit of algae, and there are others who will not eat algae at all.

mosquito sucks the blood

Mosquito Larvae, aquatic crustaceans, worms. They will also eat flakes, algae granules, bloodworms, crushed pellets, brine shrimp, or baby shrimp.

yes it can eat algae

Guppies will eat a bit of algae now and then but don't expect them to eat plants because they are not plant eaters. They mainly eat tiny crustacea like Daphnia and insect larvae like Mosquito wrigglers. In some places they are put in waterways to control the Mosquitos and are called Mosquito fish.

Frogs do eat Algae but frogs prefer to eat insects but if all else fails they eat algae

Mosquito larvae, commonly known as wrigglers or wigglers, feed on bacteria, algae and microscopic animals.

Yes, mosquito fish eat duck weed

Mosquito eaters do in fact eat mosquitoes. Mosquito eaters earned their name as mosquito eaters because they ate mosquitoes for food.

Small invertebrates, micro-crustaceans, fish eggs, frog eggs, algae, detritus, basicly anything other than mosquito larvae

Do birds eat algae? ---- Nope

Yes, salmon do eat algae.

Yes goldfish do eat algae

Yes, starfish eat algae.

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