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Q: Does a newborn baby have more muscles than an adult?
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Is 115 kilograms the same as a newborn baby?

No :) A new born baby would usually be anything from 6 to 10 pounds in the UK - which is about 2.7kg to about 4.5kg. My newborn was 3.75 kg :) 115Kg would be more like an adult's weight - 18 stone...

Why must you know the physical characteristics of a newborn baby?

During the first three months of your baby's life, reflexes govern much of her behavior. As these newborn reflexes fade, more purposeful movements replace them. As she gains strength and coordination in her muscles, your baby explores and manipulates objects in her environment. Each day, she moves more competently.

What gravitationally pulls more on a newborn baby the planet Mars or the doctor delivering the baby?


How many bones are threr in a body?

In an adult there are usually 206 bones. In children there are more.

How many muscles does an adult have?

We have about 600 or more muscles that are connected to the bones610

What are the difference in the color of a baby rat to a baby mouse?

A baby rat is more likely to be a dark colour when it is newborn, but a baby mouse is pink.

Why might an adult human have more cells then a baby human?

The adult is bigger so it needs more cells than a baby.

Do you have more bones or more muscles?

Muscles develop first. Cartilage forms in place of many bones in the embryo and baby, to make it more flexible on its way out of the womb. The cartilage is then replaced by bones in a process called ossification, and is usually finished by the time the baby is 6 months old. There are 206 bones in an adult body, you have more bones when you're younger. Though, the exact number of muscles is not know, there are a lot more muscles. A rough estimate of more than 600 muscles.

What nutritional needs are higher lactation or pregnancy?

Lactation--a newborn baby consumes more than a baby in utero.

What does a baby have more of than an adult?


How many times more blood does an adult have than a baby?

Yes, this is true. Because the size of an infant there is going to be less blood. An adult will have more because of the size difference.

Do men have more muscles than woman?

Yes, definitely. Due to the smaller structure, a woman's muscles need to suit there build.