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Q: Does a satellite c50-b-14d have a disk tray?
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How do you play movies on PS2?

you place the disk (movie) into the disk tray otherwise you cannot

What is also called the system trey?

CD drive, floppy disk, disk tray.

How do you play a Xbox game with a Xbox360?

Put it in the disk tray.

How do you create recovery discs for a computer without a disk tray?

you can't

How do you insert a memory card into a laptop?

Open the disk tray. Pull the disk tray out of the track - it will seem as if it won't come out, but just pull firmly and it will slide out. If it's not coming, apply some downward pressure. As the tray comes out, you will notice behind it is a slot for your memory card.

How do you put a disk in a small laptop notebook?

you open the CD tray and place it in the designated area then close the tray.

What are the two types of optical drives?


Why is my playstation logo sideways on the PS2's disk tray?

It is rotated 90 degrees to the right on the disk trey and every manufactured PS2 I see has it upright.

Can you clean your Xbox 360 with a CD disk cleaner?

No. This could permanently damage the tray, mechanism, or laser.

Do PSVitas have a disk tray?

No, the PSVita's games look more like memory cards, it does not use UMDs.

Is the disk tray for the xbox 360 supposed to wiggle a little bit?

well mine wiggles too

How do you play original Xbox games on Xbox 360?

Just put it in the disk tray and start playing!