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No, that's the definition of a sociopath.

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No. Sociopaths have no conscience. The victim of a sociopath has a conscience and emotions and will not become a sociopath. If the victim of a sociopath is acting different it is probably because of the abuse the victim is enduring from the sociopath. If you have any more questions I would be happy to answer. Based on personal experience, I believe this is accurate.

A sociopath is a person who does not have a conscious.

A sociopath has no conscience and no sense of guilt. Their key attitude is, "I do what I can get away with" - not just occasionally but as a matter of routine.

It's a sociopath -- a person with no conscience who uses people.

Well, if you have to ask.... you might be in trouble! Actually, the truth is, if you fear that you might be "causing issues because you are a sociopath", you are not one. A true sociopath has no conscience, and it doesn't matter to them what anybody thinks of them.

Absolutely. Read 'Without Conscience' by Dr. Robert Hare

Unless a sociopath is professionally diagnosed, you cannot tell that person that he/she is a sociopath. And the chances of one going to get a diagnosis are virtually nil. And DO NOT tell others that you think he/she is a sociopath in case it gets back to the person. Since a sociopath has no conscience, and since only self matters to a sociopath, he/she can be vindictive and even litigious when it comes to being told about his/her condition. There is no therapy to "fix" this condition - just protect yourself and those around you. Get the person out of your life as cleanly and quickly as possible.

If the sociopath thinks he can bleed more out of you than his wife, that's all it will take. Sociopaths have no interest in what you want, only in what they can get. By definition they have no conscience or respect for other people's feelings, and the condition is untreatable. The important question is, what is wrong with YOU that you desire a relationship with a sociopath?

As I believe the over-riding characteristic of a sociopath is a lack of conscience, sexual sociopathic behaviour would probably revolve around getting sexual their gratification without the slightest worry about the emotional and moral consequences of their actions.

Not every sociopath kills, but every sociopath is capable of commiting murder without a second thought, as they do not have a conscience. I personally know one who commited first degree murder, went to prison, and then attempted it again within a year of getting out.

Yes. As a fundamental trait of a sociopath is the utter lack of a conscience - the very mental property that keeps most of us on the straight and narrow.

AntisocialCunningManipulativeNarcissisticNarcissistRemorselessSoullessUnconscionable (without conscience)Beyond that, check the links listed below.

The overriding psychological trait of a sociopath is a complete lack of a conscience. As it is a conscience that keeps most people on the straight and narrow in the conduct of their lives, the lack of a conscience would certainly be a key to someone doing "diabolical things". Couple with a need to "win at all costs", it looks like by many standards, sociopaths can be considered to have diabolical minds.

A sociopath is someone who doesn't care about other people's feelings. A deviant sociopath isn't in any psychology text that I can find. But here are some things that you might be referring to: A sociopath who is abnormal in some way. This would be any sociopath who doesn't fit the exact definition of a sociopath. If a deviant sociopath is just your name for a sociopath. See top. An unpredictable sociopath. A sociopath who is unpredictable in some way, beyond a sociopath's normal unpredictability.

Pathological lying of and within itself is not defined as a mental disorder by the medical community- so there are no list of common symptoms. This type of deception is set apart from and motivated differently than the common deception used on a daily basis by your average person. Pathological lying is typically associated with a serious mental disorder which may include: borderline personality disorder, narcissism, sociopath, or others. The main thing that sets sociopath apart from the other mental illnesses that are commonly associated with being a pathological liar is the absence of a conscience. A sociopath is not able to empathize with those who do have a conscience. The sociopath does not feel remorse, guilt or love but a narcissist on the other hand may. A narcissist has a conscience and the ability to empathize with others but rarely does because they care more about their own feelings. I would describe a narcissist as being "the center of their own universe" and expecting everyone to gravitate around his/her needs/wants. I would describe a sociopath as someone being from a completely different universe but having the ability to go unnoticed because they are wearing a disguise. The sociopath will completely drain you of all positive energy and then turn the tables on you to make you believe it's your fault. A narcissist will almost always be identified and are unable to hide what they are.

Sociopaths almost never recognize their lack of empathy and cruelness as a problem. so if you "bust" him or her, nothing good will come of it. Sociopaths will never change. The conscience boat came floating by when they were young and they never jumped on it, and the boat never comes by again. The best way to deal with a sociopath is to get as far away from them as possible. If you must have contact, have as little as possible.

If you were truly a sociopath, first you would not be aware of it (or at least you would not acknowledge it); second, if you already have kids, it is far too late for an easy fix. If you truly are a sociopath, it is time to give your children up for foster care. Check yourself into a treatment facility. Oh, just for information sake, there is no treatment for a true sociopath. They have no conscience and feel only apathy for others except how it serves themselves.

subjective conscience and objective conscience are the two dimensions of conscience subjective conscience and objective conscience are the two dimensions of conscience subjective conscience and objective conscience are the two dimensions of conscience

Sociopaths have no conscience, and thus do not worry about things like that. You are not a sociopath. That said, there are a number of emotional disorders that have some sociopathic characteristics, and if you are bothered by your feelings or behavior you would do well to speak with a professional about it. Your local mental health society can direct you.

My older sister is a sociopath.

I'm stating the obvious, but you have to provide evidence to support specific allegations. If you try to prove that someone is a "sociopath," you're on a path to nothing. However, if you can prove specific deeds, you may achieve what you want. I'd suggest letting others apply whatever label they think is appropriate rather than doing the labeling yourself.You must decide whether your own conscience, which is what's keeping you from using such tactics, is worth more to you than your safety and freedom, as the one opposing you has no conscience, if he truly is a sociopath. Your honesty is lost on him.

Sociopath. -noun Psychiatry. a person, as a psychopathic personality, whose behavior is antisocial and who lacks a sense of moral responsibility or social conscience.

No. Sociopaths lack the ability to feel compassion for other people all the time. They may, however, fake compassion to fit in or to manipulate others. If someone that you know does hurtful things and then genuinely feels bad afterwards, it may be indicative of some kind of impulse control problem.

**This question is incomplete**A sociopath can be many things.