Does a starfish have a brain?

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the starfish does not have a brain it is made up of nerve cells that control it's functions A starfish doesn't have a brain in its head like we do. Instead their entire nervous system acts like a distributed brain. So, it has a brain, just not like ours.
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What is a brain?

The brain is the control centre of the central nervous system,responsible for perception, attention, memory, emotion and action.

What is a starfish?

A starfish is a marine animal (echinoderm) that has five or more arms, so it is shaped like a star. Because it is not a fish, some now refer to it as a sea star . It has a hard, craggy upper shell and hundreds of sticky "feet" on its bottom side that let it attach itself to rocks.

Do you have brains?

Yes. Otherwise I would not be reading your question, nor would I be answering it.

Where is your brain?

Answer . If you are a human, then your brain is inside your cranium, or skull.

What is the brain?

The brain is the convoluted organ within your cranium (skull). It is the major part of the central nervous system, controlling the functions of the body. It is also the seat of cognitive intelligence. The human brain consists of four major parts: cerebrum, cerebellum, brain stem, and diencephalon. ( Full Answer )

Why scarlet starfish are called a starfish?

They are actually called seastars because fish have backbones and seastars don't so they shouldn't be calledstarfish. Sorry if this was not any help. .

What can you do with your brain?

umm.... we use our brain for thinking, speech, reasoning, talking. there are 4 lobes in the brain:. frontal lobe parietal lobe. temporal lobe. occipital lobe

What does a brain do?

The brain is an organ in your head that is protected by your skull. It controls all of the functions going in your body. It is divided in three parts namely cerebellum, cerebrum and brain stem..

What are the predators of a starfish?

Predators of a starfish include sea otters, manta rays, sharks,seagulls, and many others depending on where the starfish isliving.the star fish is mamals only

What is the classification of a starfish?

Superdomain Biota Domain Eukaryota Kingdom Animalia Subkingdom Bilateria Branch Deuterostomia Infrakingdom Coelomopora Phylum Echinodermata Subphylum Eleutherozoa Infraphylum Asterozoa Class Asteroidea

What are the characteristics of a starfish?

They have 5 'legs', like a five pointed star, and have a sort of fuzzy, bumpy flesh. Having held one before, I know that they come in many colors, such as purple. Characteristics of a Starfish include: 1. Starfish bodies are highly flexible. 2. The starfish has no eyes, ears or nose and rely solely ( Full Answer )

What do you feed starfish?

Starfish are most comonly found eating clams, oyesters, mustles, dead fish, sea weed, or they can be fed frozen meats. star fish have very low matabalism so you dont have to feed them that much very often. i am guessing you have a pet starfish? i do!. but what do i know im just 13, >__>". oh well i ( Full Answer )

Does a starfish have eyes?

Yes a starfish can have eyes. Upto eight eyes and they can have them on any of their tentacles

How do starfish get food?

A starfish's 'mouth' is on the bottom, centered. To get food, it will find a nice, tasty mollusc like a clam, use its arms to pry open the shell, and then suck out the contents with its mouth.

What is starfish locomotion?

Water comes into the system via the madreporite. It is then circulated from the stone canal to the ring canal and into the radial canals. The radial canals carry water to the ampullae and provide suction to the tube feet. The tube feet latch on to surfaces and move in a wave, with one body section a ( Full Answer )

What is your brain?

Your brain is the organ that enables you to manipulate and navigate the world around you.

What is a brain and why?

It is where your memory is stored, feelings, and how you can tell what something is. If we didnt have it' wed all be dumb hobos

What is is a brain?

a brain is a important thing in your head it helps you with everything you do at home and at school

What does the brain do for you?

It is the central controller of your whole body it controls everything such as breathing or feelings or movement. What ever you do is your brains choice. you couldn't do anything without your brain.

How do Starfish communicate with other Starfish?

Starfish generally do not have contact with other starfish. However, biologists have proven that during the breeding season, starfish send out signals when they are ready to reproduce. This causes the starfish to congregate during this time period.

Why are starfish named starfish?

Well a starfish is called a starfish because,it is shaped like a star. (answer found by 10 year old Katie Shymonowicz( Shy-mon-o-witz) Katie is right, but I must add that a starfish is no longer called a starfish. It is now called a "sea star." Starfish was a misnomer as it wasn't a fish. But ( Full Answer )

What is in a brain?

Inside a brain is: grey matter (the bodies of the brain cells) and white matter (the fat covered projections of the brain cells).

What can a brain do?

It controls whatever you do from walking to sleeping. for more information go to

What the brain has?

The brain comprises left and right hemisheres. Each of which has a cortex (grey matter) and white fibre tracts (white matter). The hemispheres share common midbrain and brainstem components and also a cerebellum.

Do starfishes have a brain?

Starfish do not have true brains. They have a cluster of nerves called ganglia that form a ring in the centre of the starfish which is called the circumoral nerve ring. A radial nerve extends at right angles from the circumoral nerve ring into each arm. With the exception of eye spots in the tip of ( Full Answer )

Why you have brains?

Without a brain you would be "Dead in The Head," you would not be able to move talk do anything. Your brain is the central nervous system and is ad you can say the boss of everything.

Why is a starfish called a starfish?

Because of its shape. A starfish has five radiating arms that makes it look like the stereotypical image of a star (pentagram). Starfish, of course, are not actual fish, but rather marine echinoderms. The other name for a starfish is a "sea star."

What can you do for your brain?

Believe it or not, exercise can help your brain a lot. And of course do brain teasers and things, eating healthy, and studying.

What is the ecosystem of the starfish?

their ecosystem are in the ocean..most of the starfish spent their times in seashore they don't go under the sea because they cant breathe under water...

How do starfish respirate?

They have enough surface area that they can breathe through theirskin. Random trivia fact: turtles can breathe through their butts.

How can you get a brain?

To acquire an actual study sample, you would probably have to settle for an animal brain, and even those are restricted due to animal rights considerations. Chickens, frogs, lizards, and other simpler animals present no such restrictions, and the cost is mainly due to the chemical preservatives used ( Full Answer )

Why do we have a brain?

If we didnt have a brain, we would all be bumping into each other all day and we would all be as stupid as you.

Are starfish genderless?

Starfish can be male, female, or hermaphrodite. A hermaphrodite is a plant or animal that has reproductive organs of both sexes.

Can a starfish hurt you and how?

well it can hurt you because you cant breth okay people do you here me yes you do here me because i can here my selef okay i am 6 years old and i am in 1st grad

Is a starfish a heterotoph?

Yes, starfish are heterotrophs. All animals are actually heterotrophs. The term "heterotroph" means that the organism does not produce its own food source, but instead must find nutrition within its environment. It doesn't matter how the heterotroph finds food - it can be a grazing herbivore, a c ( Full Answer )

What is the brain about?

The brain is an organ in your head that demands 75 percent of your energy. It is where thinking takes place, and all movement is planned. Your brain controls your whole body! It is also your neuro-center. The brain is more complex than all the circuits in your computer!!

What makes a Starfish a starfish?

a star fish is called a star fish because ther look like a star and they very slowly swim like a fish Jesus get it right

What is a prdator to a starfish?

They are sea creatures such as the Triton Trumpet, Tropical Shrimps, Reef Crabs, Spider Crabs and some mollusks.

What do starfish eat and what eats a starfish?

They eat calms, oysters, mussels, small fish, sea snails , and barnacles. The predators that eat that are manta rays, some sharks and other bony fishes like to pick them off the bottom of the sea and eat them. Sometimes other larger starfishes since they can eat the starfish by attacking, kill and ( Full Answer )

Why starfish don't have brain?

Because Starfish are Inverterbrites, nature has made it so they dont require a brain to survive. In effect this means that all the processes that happen inside are starfish are very simple and interconnected

Why do you have a brain?

If you didn't have a brain, you really couldn't do anything prettymuch. Example: You wouldn't be able to walk, because you wouldforget how to walk. Why we have a brain? We have a brain so we canthink, ( or walk. :-} ) If you didn't have a brain you wouldn't beable to ask this question. Actually walk ( Full Answer )

What will starfish do?

they play cards with their starfish friends, and eat human brains, and sun tan on logs floating in the waterborne can have sever burn if in sun more than 22 seconds. if you decide to eat one just Dot do it. they have suction cups on their arms and they MiG try to Stanley you. yesterday a starfish de ( Full Answer )

What does your brain do for you?

Your brain controls your temperature, blood pressure, and blood sugar levels. It can also help you feel emotions, store memories and even help you stand up straight.

What can brains do?

brains help the body parts move and so people can live no brain no life

How can a starfish be?

how many staryfish can starfishs have? The answer is about million. But 99% or their babies get aeten