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the starfish does not have a brain it is made up of nerve cells that control it's functions A starfish doesn't have a brain in its head like we do. Instead their entire nervous system acts like a distributed brain. So, it has a brain, just not like ours.

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A jellyfish & a starfish A Jellyfish has no brain & no heart A starfish has no brain & no blood

Sea Star is the nickname. The official name is Starfish. Yes, the starfish has a brain. A distributed brain. Starfish have a complex network of interlacing nerves in each arm ehich all connect to the brain.

A starfish has no brain, so IQ=0

Starfish have five arms and no brain.

Because Starfish are Inverterbrites, nature has made it so they dont require a brain to survive. In effect this means that all the processes that happen inside are starfish are very simple and interconnected

They have no heart, brain, or eyes.

Starfish do not have a brain.

Starfish do have neurons, despite not having a brain... this allows it to "perceive" stimuli and to react to them automatically, like a reflex, without needing a brain to process anything.

Most likely not. Starfish do not have a brain or central nervous system, and instead have a ganglia.

Starfish don't have a heart, or a brain...

1. When they lose a leg they grow back again. 2. Starfish have 2 stomachs. The cardiac stomach can help the starfish to engulf food outside it's body. 3. Starfish don't have a brain.

11% of the world is left handed. a starfish has no brain

No, starfish, seacumber and other echinoderms do not have a brain nor a heart nor eyes. See the website:

Sea stars do not have a brain; they have a simple ring of nerve cells that moves information around the body.

Yes. because every thing living has a brain---Really?So bacteria has a brain? oramoeba? What about Sponges, Starfish, Jellyfish & corals? None of these animals have a brain.Like cone snails theyhavean arrangement of nerves called a ganglia, which is not a brain.So the answer is no "cone snails do not have a brain".---

does starfish have limbs? what is starfish skin like? does starfish have limbs? what is starfish skin like?

Starfish are invertebrates, which means they have no backbone or spine or spinal column, which, usually, means they have no bones or anything more than a very simple brain. Refer to the link, below, for further information.

there are cusion starfish, reef starfish, spiny starfish and fire brick starfish in new zealand.

Starfish do indeed have offspring. If starfish did not have offspring there would be no living starfish in the world.

Beaded starfish are a type of starfish. To identify a beaded starfish, look for a yellow in color starfish with fat, spiny looking arms.

Starfish talk by sending out signals to other starfish.

if a starfish loses a limb,it will grow back,and the limb will form into a new starfish.

Some starfish do have spines for example the 'Crown of Thorns' starfish does. However other starfish do not have spines.

The male starfish is the larger starfish because the female gives the male the starfish eggs and he keeps them until they hatch.

Sure, starfish larvae are planktonic. Adult starfish are not.

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