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Q: Does a tilapia lives in water?
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Can tilapia live in fresh water?

Yes, tilapia can live in both fresh and salt water.

Why cant tilapia live in sea water?

Depends on the species of tilapia some can actually do quite well in water reaching the same salinity as sea water. Nile tilapia is the least saline tolerant; 15ppt Blue tilapia = 20 ppt Mozambique and Red tilapia grow well at 33 ppt (~ full strength)

Is tilapia salt or fresh water fish?

Tilapia are freshwater and are raised commercially in ponds.

Is tilapia a scavenger fish?

Yes, tilapia is a scavenger fish. They are known as "bottom feeders." They eat by grazing close to the bottom of the water.

What is trout fish in tagalog?


Where do you find tilapia?

They are usually found in fresh water

Is tilapia a salt or fresh water fish?


Is tilapia a salt water or fresh water fish?

They're freshwater fish.

Do Tilapia eat water snail?

Yes if the shells get broken otherwise no. I keep crayfish and Tilapia together and crushed some snails for the crayfish to eat, the Tilapia ate them before the crayfish had chance.

Where do tilapia live?

Tilapia are fresh water fish originally from Africa but now found in warm and tropical inland waters in most places in the world.

Are tilapia used in waste water treatment plants?


Tilapia what is tilapia good for?

Tilapia is a fish and it is good for eating.

Is a tilapia a reptile?

No. A tilapia is a fish.

What is a tilapia?

Tilapia is a kind of fish.

Is tilapia fish squid?

No, its tilapia.

How do you spell tilapia in spanish?


Is tilapia a herbivore?

Tilapia are Omnivores.

What do you think about tilapia fish?

they taste horrible but Tilapia inhabit a variety of fresh water habitats including shallow streams, ponds, rivers, lakes and estuaries. Most tilapia are omnivorous with a preference for aquatic vegetation and detritus. Historically they have been of major importance in artisan fishing in Africa and the Levant and are of increasing importance inaquaculture (see tilapia in aquaculture). Tilapia can become problematic invasive species in new warm-water habitats, whether deliberately or accidentally introduced but generally not in temperate climates due to their inability to survive in cool waters, (generally below 60 °F (16 °C). (See tilapia as exotic species).

Are tilapia scavengers?

Tilapia can be scavengers, since they eat just about anything they can get. They will eat algae, anything growing on a hard surface, particles in the water, or they can scavenge from things they find lying around.

How do you acclimatise tilapia in marine water?

Tilapia are typically raised in freshwater though they are used to harder (higher calcium) water. They were acclimated to less hard water for the fish farming industry. Tilapia can be acclimated to saltwater but most likely, they will not breed or grow as large in saltwater. To acclimate fish to saltier water, you must raise the saturation of the fresh water by adding sea water to the tank that the fish you want to acclimate. Black Mollies, typically a fresh water fish can be acclimated by dropping about a 1/2 or less tea spoon of clean sea water once a day until the tank they are living in becomes near 100 sea water (assuming the the Black Mollies are in a 20 gallon tank). For Tilapia, in my opinion, would be more sensitive so more care and less saltwater should be added per day. If the fish is a grown, then it should be done even slower. With that said, there is no reason to acclimate Tilapia to sea water.

What tilapia eat?

Tilapia Fish is a warm water, fresh fish. The flesh is white, moist and mild-flavoured. Tilapia Fish is an African fish but is now farmed in a few locations in Canada. Food pellets that are provided at the fish farms, also insects, worms and small fish.

How do you say tilapia in french?

Un tilapia!

Is tilapia a carnivore or herbivore?

Tilapia is an omnivore.

Where did tilapia originate from?

Tilapia originated in Africa.

German name for tilapia?

Tilapia = Buntbarsch