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A toaster converts electrical energy into thermal energy. Some of that electrical energy may have come from a nuclear power plant.

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Q: Does a toaster use nuclear energy and how?
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What electrical energy converted inside a toaster?

What is electrical energy converted to inside a toaster?A. thermal energy and lightB. nuclear energyC. chemical energyD. kinetic energy

What energy does a toaster use?

It converts electrical energy into heat energy.

What energy does a cheese toaster use?


What type of energie does a toaster use?

kenetic energy :)

If you use a toaster to make toast the toaster converts electrical energy into solar energy and heat energy heat energy only heat energy and light energy or light energy only?

It doesn't matter what you use the toaster for, or whether you are using it at all.When it's ON, it converts electrical energy into both heat and light, whether or notthere is any bread in it.

What kind of energy does a toaster use?

answer: kinetic energy :D ari and tas and wad

What Does not use nuclear energy?

All material uses nuclear energy.

Where does nuclear energy come from to make renewable energy work?

Nuclear energy and renewable energy are not related. Renewable energy does not use nuclear energy.

What type of energy is traveling to the toaster?

electric energy is found in a toaster

Do batteries use nuclear energy?

Batteries use chemical energy to create voltage to drive current flow. They do not use nuclear energy.

In a toaster what kind of energy is used?

The inside of a toaster includes electrical energy (what runs the toaster), radiant/light energy (the light coming off of the coils), and thermal/heat energy (what cooks the food in the toaster).

What material does not use nuclear energy?

All material uses nuclear energy.