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Yes a vacuum works very well on tile floors, just set it on the floor setting.

I always vacuum my tile floors before I wash or mop them.

The vacuum picks up the loose dirt and and hair from the floor, and it makes it much

easier to mop and clean.

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Q: Does a vacuum work on tiled floors?
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Do upright vaccuums clean as well as cannisters?

Upright Vaccuums clean better on carpetted floors and Cannisters work better on hard wood and tiled floors. Upright vaccuums don't work good on hardwood floors, but cannisters are excellent on hardwood floors.

Is carpet better than hardwood for asthmatic people?

As a person with severe asthma, I can tell you that hardwood and also tiled floors are much better. This is because the carpet doesn't get fully clean when you vacuum it and can hold in lots of pollen and dust. When I tiled my house my asthma got a lot better.

Could this upright vacuum be used on hardwood floors?

This upright vaccum can be used on hardwood floors and should work effortlessly with no problem .

Where can tessellation be found in real life?

Tiled floors, walls, ceilings or pavements, and in nature

What are some advantages to having tile floors?

Having tiled floors in ones home is very advantageous because they manage to combine good quality with good price, they come in all shapes and sizes for any room. Tiled floors are much more hygienic has they can be washed several times a day without much effort which makes it harder for bacteria to breed.

Should you vacuum bare floors or carpets first?

bare floors first.

What companies clean tile and carpet floors?

Many companies clean tiled and carpeted floors and realize that a lot of people have both in their homes so they are prepared for any type of cleaning surface.

Is it safe to vacuum hadwood floors or will it scratch them?

It's perfectly fine to vacuum hardwood floors. However, you may need to refinish them a bit more often.

Can the Vesture Robotic Vacuum be used on hardwood floors?

The Vesture Vacuum actually works best on hardwood floors, as rugs require a lot of power to clean.

What is the best vacuum for cleaning hardwood floors?

The best vacuum to clean hardwood floors with is the wet and dry vacuum. It can easily switch from wet carpet to dry hardwood flooring. It can be seen on the website for Kohl's.

What exactly is the nimbus 13?

The Nimbus 13 is one of the models of the vacuum robots that can vacuum hardwood floors, vinyl floors and carpeted floors. They are the newest model and run just over three hundred dollars.

How much do tile floors cost?

It depends upon the type of tile, the area to be tiled, the availability of materials and labor, among other things.