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No, it possessed two massive legs and two small arms.

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Like all known carnivorous dinosaurs velociraptor walked on two legs.

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no, it walked on 2

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Q: Does a velociraptor walk on four legs?
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How many feet did a velociraptor walk on?

Like all theropods velociraptor walked on 2 legs.

How did the velociraptor walk 2 or 4 legs was it fast or slow?

Velociraptor walked on two feet, thus it was a biped. They had long legs and a lightweight body, making them very fast when they ran.

Why did dinosaurs like tyrannosaurs walk on two legs?

Animals walk on four legs because it is more stable than walking on two legs. Dinosaurs were very large, and it would have taken a lot of energy for them to walk on two legs. The ones who did walk on two legs were usually predators (like Tyrannosaurus rex or velociraptor) because they could get more energy from eating other animals than from eating plants.

How do tortoises move?

Tortoises have four legs that they walk with.

Do camels walk on 2 legs?

four legs

Did the velociraptor have long or short legs?

They had particularly long legs

Does the apatosaurus walk on four legs?

Yes. But you mean did it.

How leopards move?

they walk and run with four legs

How does a person walk on 4 legs one day 2 legs another day and 3 legs one more day?

walks on 4 legs when you crawl 2 legs when you walk and 3 when you walk with 2 legs and a cane Age. We all walk on four legs as a baby, two legs as an adult, and three legs as an old person with a cane.

How guinea pigs move in its habitat?

They walk on four legs.

Did it walk on 2 legs or 4 legs Rex?

Hadrosaurs and Iguanodonts are both known to have walked on four legs. However, they could stand, walk, or run on two legs when it was useful.

How do okapis walk on 4 legs?

In the same way all four legged mammals walk.