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Does alkali metals react with water?

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Alkali metals and alkali earth metals react with water; the other metals doesn't react.

Alkali metals and alkali earth metals react with water; the other metals doesn't react.

alkali metals react violently in cold water

Generally no, but alkali and alkali earths metals can react with water.

because they produce(form)an alkali when they react with water.

Yes, reacting with water alkali metals form alkaline solutions (alkali metals hydroxides dissolved in water).

When alkali metals react with water they produce an alkali (basic) solution. No because they form basic oxides and they neutralise acids

Only Alkali metals react with water at room temperature all other metals do not react.

Some do, but most don't. The alkali metals, most of the alkaline earth metals, and a few others react with water.

Group 1 elements are known as alkali metals because they react with water to form alkali (or bases).

For example all halogens react with alkali metals.

Alkali metals reacts violently with water forming a hydroxide and hydrogen; alkali earth metals react with water but no so violent.Other metals doesn't generally react with water at room temperature.

Alkali metals violently react with water.

Alkali metals and earth alkali metals do react strongly with water.(Lithium, ..., Caesium) (Beryllium, ..., Barium)

Alkali metals being electropositive, lose electrons when they react.

For example water react violently with alkali metals.

For example water can react with alkali metals.

All alkali metals react violently with water.

Alkali metals are soft, low density metals that react vigorously with water to form hydrogen. They only have one electron in it's outer shell. Alkali-earth metals are low density hard metals that react less vigorously with water. They have two electrons in the outer shell.

Overall, transition metals have low reactivity with water. The alkali metals, however, react vigorously with water.

Alkali metals and water react in a violent manner; they form strong bases and hydrogen gas and can result in an explosion.

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