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In the UK it has to carry the lion passant (a lion lying and facing to the left), plus a date letter and the mark of an assay office, plus perhaps a maker's mark. A '925' is optional but does not seem to be common, but the lion indicates sterling silver which is 92.5%.

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No, not all silver needs to have the 925 stamp to be genuine. Sterling silver is typically stamped with "925" to indicate that it is 92.5% pure silver, but there are other types of silver that may not have this specific stamp. It's always best to purchase silver from reputable sources to ensure its authenticity.

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Q: Does all silver have to have the 925 stamp on it to be genuine?
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What does otc mean on jewelry stamped OTC 925?

If a piece of jewelry is stamped with OTC 925, the OTC stamp is the name of the company that made the jewelry, OTC International. 925 is a common stamp on all sterling silver.

What is a stamp 921 on silver?

Sterling can be 921 to 925 all it means is 92.1 % ver 92.5 % silver 4/10 of 1% le-way

Do all Pandora charms have a thread inside?

No, all genuine Pandora Charms do have the hallmark "ALE" and "925" but several types (such as the glass beads and some sterling silver) do not have threads.

What do the initials DL mean on the inside of a 925 ring?

YES THEY ARE!! The stamp DL is the designers Hallmark and 925 is sterling silver. I also have pieces by this particular jeweler that feature black, white and blue diamonds all of which have tested as a natural diamond. I did notice that he works with genuine stones but typically the stones are small and are mid-grade quality which makes the jewelry more affordable:-)

What 925 stamp on gold ring means?

Sterling Silver, or 92.5% pure silver.Also with the inert metal you have to understand that the appearance will not be the standard silver we have all known and to those who throw magnets on everything to see if it's real , well don't do that here because the inert metals will be able to be picked up by a magnet and you may have just thrown away a fortune in silver based on that. So if it has the shine of stainless steal and it has the stamp 925 your still in business Remember silver tarnishes and it can do so and make the ring look cheap when using silver on a ring that has let's say Topaz you don't want it to look cheap by tarnishing around the topaz and any small diamond chips.

What exactly is 925 sterling silver?

Pure silver is extremely malleable and can be easily damaged. It also softens over time even at room temperature. To avoid these problems and increase the life-span of your silver jewellery other metals are added to the pure silver - creating alloys which protect the silver jewellery from scratching and damage.925 sterling silver jewellery is actually a combination of 92.5% silver and usually 7.5% copper. The beneficial properties gained by adding copper have made 925 sterling silver extremely popular with a host of silver craftsmen. The inclusion of copper, or occasionally a similar copper-like substitute, helps to enhance your silver jewellery and does not in any way detract from its quality.Nearly all 925 sterling silver jewellery we sell is hallmarked with a 925 stamp. The hallmark is an assurance to you that all of our silver is of the highest quality. Please note that some items are excluded from the legal requirements to hallmark and therefore these items may not be hallmarked.

Is sterling silver same as 923 silver?

No not sterling silver but instead the 923 marking would usually indicate that the piece of jewelry or item is made from silver that is 92.3% pure with the remaining percent of metal/metals something other than. Usually

Why does your silver chain attract to a magnet?

Your silver chain contains nickel if it attracts to a magnet. That means the silver alloy is not sterling .925. It may be a lower grade silver alloy containing less pure silver. Or, it may be a silver colored base metal alloy that contains no real silver at all. Look for a quality stamp or hallmark for further verification of quality.

Is sterling and sterling silver the same thing?

Yes, legally acceptable terms for sterling silver include "sterling," ".925 silver" and the abbreviations "stg" and ".925." All are used to describe a silver alloy that is 92.5% silver and 7.5% other metals, usually copper.

What is the meaning of ' 925 ALE' on silver?

As per P******'s company guidelines, all genuine P****** charms, beads and bracelets are marked with the P****** hallmark. The P****** jeweller's hallmark is the initials "ALE", taken from the initials of Per Enevoldsen's (the founder of P****** company) father (Algot Enevoldsen).Most P****** silver charms and bracelets will be marked with "ALE 925" while most gold P****** charms and bracelets are marked with "ALE 585". The number "925" stands for sterling silver, an alloy of silver containing 92.5% pure silver, while "585" represents 14 carat gold which contains 58.5% pure gold.

What does 725 on silver mean?

Are you sure it doesn't say 925 instead? Often I find that '925' often looks like it says '725' when hallmarked. All '925' means is that your item is silver. :-)

Does 1795 silver dollar have to be all silver for value?

A genuine 1795 dollar is silver, but it's not pure silver. The coin is a fake if it's not silver.