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No, they are two different elements.

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What are aluminum and iron examples of?

Aluminum and iron are metals.

What are the pros and cons of iron vs aluminum cars?


Is aluminum foil iron?

Shut up....iron is an aluminum foil

Does aluminum contain iron?

No. Aluminum and iron are two different elements.

How do you separate aluminum filings and iron filings?

Aluminum and iron can be differentiated because iron is magnetic and aluminum is not. To separate them, expose the filings to a magnetic source and the iron will separate.

Is iron stronger then aluminum?

no in fact it is not iron is stronger because atoms in iron are more dense than aluminum, therefore aluminum is lighter than iron hence weaker than iron.

Which corrodes faster iron or aluminum?

Iron even though aluminum is more reactive than iron.

What does recycling do to iron and aluminium?

Recycling iron and aluminum makes iron and aluminum or you're doing it wrong.

Is aluminum more durable then iron?

aluminum is more durable than iron.

Where are Iron and aluminum often found?

Aluminum and iron are often found in ores. some ores are compacted with difrent minerals like iron, Aluminum

How would you separate iron filings and aluminum filing?

You could use a magnet to separate iron filings and aluminum filings. Iron is magnetic, but aluminum is not.

Is Iron more dense than aluminum?

Yes, iron is denser than aluminum.

Does iron react with aluminum sulfate?

Maybe...iron would replace aluminium to form iron sulphate. iron+aluminum sulfate--->iron sulphate+aluminium.

What heats faster iron or aluminum?


Iron and aluminum are useful metals made from?

iron and aluminum are useful metals made from alloy

Which method is appropriate for separating a mixture of iron and aluminum?

Use a magnet to sort out the iron from the aluminum.

What is a better conductor iron brass or aluminum?


Are the heads on a Toyota 4.7 aluminum or iron?


What is the reaction of aluminum metal and Iron II oxide?

2Al + 3FeO --> Al2O3 + 3Fe The aluminum will replace the iron in the iron oxide, forming aluminum oxide and iron metal. This is a single replacement/displacement reaction.

Is aluminum alloy magnetic?

no, aluminum is non ferrous (no iron) only iron will attract a magnettic field

Is the heads on 94 z28 camaro aluminum or cast iron?

Heads are aluminum and block is cast iron

Is an atom of iron is more massive than an atom of aluminum?

Yes - Iron is 56 and Aluminum is 27.

Which is more magnetic aluminum or iron?

Aluminum is not magnetic at all, it is a non-ferrous metal "does not contain iron".

What is aluminum-iron?

This is a new type of alloy, from aluminium and iron.

What reacts with iron oxide to get a product of pure iron?

You can react Aluminum to react with Ironoxide to get Iron. Iron(II)oxide + Aluminum --> Aluminumoxide + Iron Fe2O3 + 2Al --> Al2O3 + 2Fe

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