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Q: Does an atomic spectrum have a distinct set of lines or a full spectrum of light?
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Starlight passing through a device for separating light produces a display of colors and lines called a?


What were dark lines in the spectrum named for?

Dark lines especially in solar spectrum have been named as Fraunhofer lines. These line are good examples for line absorption spectrum

Why in an absorption spectrum the back ground is bright and the lines are dark?

Because it is an absorption spectrum. An absorption spectrum begins with a source of pure white light. This hits a prism which spreads it out into a spectrum and the result shows on a screen as a bright band of colours. If you put this into a glass case and seal it to the outside world, nothing changes. Now if blow a gas into the tank, the atoms in the gas absorb different wavelengths (colours) of light. The result you see is a normal spectrum of colours, but with one or more dark lines across it. This is because the atoms in the gas through which the white light is shining are absorbing some or all of various colours in the spectrum. What those colours are is absolutely characteristic and definitive of that particular gas. This is a very powerful technique for identifying elements which are present only in trace amounts. An interesting light on this is that the element Helium was first discovered not on earth, but on the sun by some dark lines in the sun's spectrum which did not belong to any known element.

What is a linear emission spectrum?

A linear emission spectrum is the collection of frequencies that a substance can emit when the atoms in it are excited (say, by heating) or can absorb. Where visible light frequencies are involved the emitted frequencies may be made to appear as a series of coloured lines on an axis representing frequency. Such a spectrum may also be represented as a series of dark lines presented against a straightened rainbow of colours where the axis along the edge of the rainbow represents light frequency. Please see the link.

What is s band spectrum?

Band spectrum is the spectrum given by the molecules. It consists of series of closely spaced lines known as bands separated by the dark spaces.

Related questions

How does the color of the flame correspond to the distinct lines in its spectrum?

The color in the flame is the representation of a specific line in the spectrum.

The lines in the bright line spectrum of an atom are due to what?

The atomic line spectrum comes from the emission of atoms of different elements that are in an excited state. Each element has its own unique atomic emission spectrum.

What is the definition of an atomic fingerprint?

It is important to know the definition of terms in science. An atomic fingerprint is defined as the unique set of lines an element has based on its energy level.

Continuous spectrum with dark lines where light is absorbed?

dark-line spectrum...

What are the Dark lines that appear in a spectrum of light from a star called?

absorption lines! :)

Why when metal salts are burned there is no distinct lines?

When metal salts are burned, they emit only certain wavelengths of light, so only a few lines appear. Any color of light we see is a combination of the colors seen on the spectrum. However, sunlight or light from a projector are white light, which is a combination of ALL the colors, unlike metal salts, which would result in all the colors appearing in a continuous spectrum, also unlike metal salts.

What do you call a light spectrum that is not continuous?

Discontinuous Spectra, Fraunhofer lines

What type of spectrum does an incandescent light produce?

There are no bright lines and no dark lines in the spectrum, incandescent light has a continuous spectrum with all visible colors present

Will the wavelength of light from a second order spectrum be more accurate than the first order spectrum?

lines fainter in second orderand the lines are further apart :)

How is a spectrum seen in a rainbow different from the spectrum of an element?

colours of the rainbow is practically white light that has been diffracted/ dispersed into different coloursbut so is visible lightthe rainbow is the same as visible light. the rainbow is where they get the visible light theory.

How does an emission spectrum of a gas in a discharge tube differ from a white light spectrum?

It differs by that white light spectrum is continuous and consists of light of all wavelengths. Emission spectrum is not continuous. It consists of bright lines at specific wavelengths, with complete darkness between them.

What is an atoms spectrum?

when a beam of white light is passed through the vapours or a gas, the element absorbs certain wavelengths, while the rest of wavelengths are passed through it. The spectrum of this radiation is called atomic absorption spectrum.The missing wavelengths appear as dark lines in the spectrum.