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In the US, an employer does not have to have a copy of your Social Security Card but must be given your Social Security Number. If you want to do that by giving a copy of your Social Security Card, you can, but it is not recommended.


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To get a copy of your social security card, you need to go to your local social security office. You can find out where this is by typing your info in at

Can we get green card copy from social sequirty office

Call the social security office or go online and search "Social security" for your country.

Unfortunately, there is no fast way to get another copy of naturalization papers. You're at the mercy of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). If you want a new copy of your Social Security Card, you can apply for one at your local Social Security Office. It will take several weeks to get the replacement.

Per the IRS website it states: You are required to get each employee's name and Social Security Number (SSN) and to enter them on Form W-2. (This requirement also applies to resident and nonresident alien employees.) You should ask your employee to show you his or her social security card. The employee may show the card if it is available. You may, but are not required to, photocopy the social security card if the employee provides it. Record each new employee's name and social security number from his or her social security card

If you have a social security number you could go to your local social security department and possibly find out what state your s.s.# was issued in. You then could notify the capital of this state and they would be able to assist you in obtaining your record of birth. Some states charge a minimal fee for getting a copy of your birth certificate. If you have no social security card, I would contact your state capitol for a copy of your birth certificate first then go to your social security office with the copy of your birth certificate to obtain a social security card. I hope this helps you.

Go to your local SSA building and request a new card. You will need a copy of your birth certificate.

Employers do it all the time. As long as there is a legitimate purpose.

In order to change your name on your Social Security card in Kentucky, you will need your divorce decree or a certified copy and your marriage certificate or a certified copy. Or, you can ask that your name be changed back to your maiden name during the divorce, which will be written into the divorce, and take that to the Social Security office. After your name is changed on your Social Security card, you can get your license in that name. The name on the drivers license has to match the one that is on the Social Security card. State laws can vary, but it is highly likely that these are the requirements in other states, too.

Yes they can be denied if they are trying to get a copy of someone else's medical records or if they don't have their social security card.

Employers need social security cards to make sure you can work in the US. If the employer is caught having an employee who isn't a citizan than they can get into a lot of trouble. Social Security cards and Visas are a way to see that they are following the law. they need your SSN to make sure you are working legally & they also need ot for Identification for your income taxes Social Secuirty has a free Social Security Number Verification Service (SSNVS) which allows registered employers to quickly verify whether a person's name and SSN match Social Security's records. It saves you and the employee time. So employers do not actually need your card or a copy they can use this system free of charge to ensure your ability to work. For more information about SSNVS visit Employer W-2 Filing Instructions & Information. Learn more about the New Security Features of the Social Security Card.

Assuming you already have a social security # and need a replacement card you may goto your local Federal Building with the required IDs/proof of identity. You can also mail such as well. Personally I've used a State College ID card that I mailed to the Social Security Administration, and they mailed my replacement card (and even my other ID back too). If you're starting from scratch, visit your County Clerk's office and obtain a copy of your Birth Certificate. The Birth Certificate will be enough to satisfy the identity requirement to obtain a replacement social security card.

Go to your social security department and ask about your benefits for 2014 . The Social Security Statement provides information about your earnings history and estimates of your Social Security benefits.

Employers need a copy of you social security card and a drivers licence on file to comply with government laws on hiring legal workers. If you are unable to provide either of those documents you can substitute them for other form of Identification to include a birth certificate, Passport or a state Identification Card.

You can go to the town clerk's office in the town where you were born and obtain a copy of your birth certificate. There may be a charge. You can order a new Social Security card at the Social Security website at the link provided below.

you can contact the Social Security Administration at 800-772-1213 and a representative can mail it to you.

Yes you can transfer your cna from Illinois to Missouri. You will to submit a copy of your out of state license and social security card.

Go to the social security website and look at the listing of impairments. This will show what you will need to prove for disability

it's not neccessarily a law it's more a debate between you and your parents but if they will not give you your card I would ask for a copy of it like i had to do.

No. A father cannot use a copy of the kids social security to get welfare benefit if the mother already got the assistance.

Request W-2 Form from your Employer, the Social Security Administration, Internal Revenue Service, the State, City or Local Tax Department. Every Employer is required to mail a copy to each of departments to retain for 4 years.

Follow this link to the official Social Security Administration website. This particular page gives instructions on how to get a replacement card if your original one has been lost or stolen.You can get the form needed from your nearest SSA office. Or download the application for replacing a SS card at the SSA site. I believe it is SS5 (not positive though).How about look at your last years' tax return copy? I bet it is there.Look at old tax forms, old paycheck stubs, copies of government forms. Ask your employer or your bank.If all else fails, call the Social Security Administration at 1-800-772-1213.

Someday I will grow old and be unable to work any longer. I would like to know the projected benefits I will receive from Social Security. Where online can I get a copy of the Social Security Benefits Worksheet?

Yes, you can get your W2 tax form online if your employer allows you to. Generally, though, your employer will mail you a copy of your W2 forms for added security.

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