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Does an epidural hurt?

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Some people experience pain with an epidural. I personally did not have any. The anesthesiologist numbs the site before placing the epidural catheter.

Everyone's different, but I did feel it. My anesthesiologist didn't numb the area beforehand, though. They had me sit on the edge of the bed, bend over (as much as is possible at this point!) and during the height of a contraction, inserted the needle quickly. Someone held me in a full nelson, so I couldn't move, even if I wanted to. With this technique, you are experiencing pain in a different area already, and since your brain can't fully focus on one pain only, the new pain, which is the epidural, isn't really felt because you are already focusing on the contraction, so both pains seem to be dulled. Kind of a sensory overload. If you are asking this question because you are afraid of what pain will come with child birth, fear not! Usually by the time they give you the epidural, your contractions are so painful that you will actually beg for the epidural. Not to scare you, but anesthesiologists seem to be in very high demand, so if you want one, I would ask slightly before you feel you need it. You might find you won't need it-- every woman's different. As soon as you get that piece of heaven, also known as an epidural, ALL pain is gone, and you can rest before you need to push. If you opt not to have the epidural, it has been my experience that the pain goes away entirely when you begin to push. Maybe it's the endorphins; I don't know. But I DO know that I am a big crybaby when it comes to pain, and the epidural sounds scarier than it really is. I have had a few kids, and with my second, contractions never got painful at all, and even though I ended up needing a c-section, when they gave my the epidural, it didn't hurt, only a quick pinch. If you have ever had a needle from the dentist, then you've gone through worse! Oh, and after, make sure they remove the tape and the catheter slowly so they don't pull off a layer of skin. The adhesive tends to be a little strong! You'll have enough to deal with after the baby is born; you don't need a scraped up back on top of it. Good luck, you will do great, and you won't even remember it after.

2015-07-15 21:00:32
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Q: Does an epidural hurt?
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Does an epidural hurt in the neck?

Usually an epidural is injected in the lower spine so it usually does not make your neck hurt. Usually it is used to provide anethesia for the lower extremities from abdomen down.

Does a women's vagina hurt during natural birth?

Yes and otherwise as well. The epidural don't go that far down.

What does the epidural space contain?

What is found in the epidural space?

Can you fly after epidural into the spine?

can you fly after a spinal epidural

What is epidural abcess?

accumulation of pus in epidural space

What is the average recovery time for an epidural?

Recovery Time For EpiduralRecovery time for an epidural is about three to four hours.

Where is the epidural needle inserted?

into the epidural spce a the lower of the back

Can you get epidural with every birth?

Yes, you can get an epidural with each birth.

Is an epidural for labor and an epidural for back pain the same?

They are the same

What is the medical term meaning collection of blood above the dura mater?

An epidural hematoma.epidural hematomaEpidural Hematoma

If you are endued can you still get an epidural?

yes you can have and epidural if you are induced - Christina ballesteros

Should you get epidural?

Heck yeah, get the epidural! Especially if you are a woman in labor!

What is the unscrambled word for pedirula?

The anagram is the medical term "epidural."

How much does child birth hurt?

Imagine you are very constipated and trying to poop that's what it feels like to push. The contractions are the worst pain ever, get the epidural!

Does it hurt after you get an epidural?

For most patients, the only painful part of the epidural procedure is the numbing of the lower back before the epidural is placed, which does cause a momentary stinging or burning sensation. The insertion of the epidural itself is usually felt as just pressure. In the hours and days following delivery, some women experience discomfort in the lower back where the needle was placed, but this is rarely a significant problem.Source:

Does epidural anesthesia cause swelling in feet after giving birth?

when you get the epidural could you get swelling?

How painful is childbirth with an epidural?

not at all, you're numb from where the epidural is administered down to your toes.

Where in the spine do the insert the needle for an epidural?

I think the needle will be inserted in lumbar 3 and 4 for epidural.

How long does epidural injections stay in your system?

if I got a epidural a week ago will it still be in my system?

What is a epidural anesthesia?

Epidural anesthesia, which involves the injection of a large volume of local anesthetic into the space surrounding the spinal fluid sac (the epidural space), not directly into the spinal fluid.

Under what circumstances is epidural therapy performed?

Epidural anesthesia can block most of the pain of labor and birth for vaginal and surgical deliveries. Epidural analgesia is also used after cesarean sections

Can you have an epidural if you smoke?

I received an epidural steroid injection a couple years ago and my doctors knew I smoke.

How long after epidural does a woman give birth?

There is no set time after an epidural that you deliver. There are many factors that go into delivery. It depends on how dialated you are when you receive the epidural Also, how fast and strong your contractions are. You can be in labor for quite a while after you get your epidural. The joy is that you don't mind it so much anymore.

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