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As long as it was inforce longer than 2 years. That's when the suicide clause runs out. Was there drug abuse prior? Was it admitted on the application? Fraud?

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2008-07-30 13:00:52
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Q: Does an insurance policy pay death benefits when death is caused by a drug overdose?
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A drug overdose does not break a life insurance policy.

Does an insurance policy pay accidental death benefits if death is caused by an accidental drug overdose?

If they were legal prescribed medications then they normally will after an investigation. If they were narcotics, then no. I agree with the first contributor, as a rule policy documents supplied at the outset of the policy, and sometimes before the policy commences state in clear terms that drug abuse is an exclusion.

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you can get life insurance , but if you die of a drug overdose, then they will discontinue your contract.and you will get nothing .

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