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No they use less. Plasma tv use much more then CCFl LCD or LED LCD.

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Q: Does an led tv use much more energy than an lcd?
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Does LCD take more energy to run than CRT?

The LCD takes much LESS energy than a CTR.

Which is the best television format LED or LCD?

LED tvs are far more energy efficient than LCD tvs, although they do tend to be more expensive. Also, LED picture quality is typically better than LCD pictures.

Why do plasma TV's produce truer black colors than LCD TV's?

LCD TV's are comprised of individual lights and plasms TV's use high levels of concentrated energy. The energy can be more easily converted into dark colors than the LCD can.

Which uses more energy a plasma or an LCD monitor?

An LCD will have a generally lower energy requirement than a Plasma monitor. But Plasma monitors energy requirements change with the brightness. If something on the screen is dark, it will use less energy.

Which is more energy efficient lcd or led tv?

LED back lit TV's, are more energy efficient than other LCD TVs, that use CCFL (Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamp) technology for the back lighting.

Are LED TVs more expensive than LCD?

Yes!LED TV is more Expensive than LCD.

What is the LCD for 532?

you need more than one number for an LCD

Which consumes more power LCD or LED?

The LCD is said to consume more power than LED. The diodes that are found in LED will reduce the amount of energy required since they emit light.

Are LCD hdtvs as reliable as oled hdtvs?

OLED TVs have a much shorter lifespan than LCD TVs and may have burn in issues. LCD TVs are a proven technology and are much more reliable at this point.

Is LCD tv more costly energy use?

When compared to a plasma, no. Plasma tv's use much more energy. However, LED technology is the most cost efficient.

Does a normal television screen consume more electricity than an LCD screen?

Yes, LCDs use a lot less energy

Which is best LCD or led TV?

LED TV is best as it consumes less energy and is advanced than LCD technology

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