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To a first approximation, over short distances horizontal motion is decoupled from vertical motion. If you fire a bullet horizontally from a gun, and drop a bullet from next to the gun at the same time, both bullets will hit the ground at the same time.

Over long enough distances the curvature of the Earth begins to have an effect, so this is no longer true.

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Q: Does an object fall at the same rate going horizontally as one going vertically?
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What object exhibit two dimensional?

An object thrown upward at an angle An object that's thrown horizontally off a cliff and allowed to fall

Does different speed of two objects effect the time it takes to reach the ground?

If thrown horizontal from same height the faster object will travel farther horizontally, but time to fall is the same. If thrown straight up, the faster object will take longer to fall

The fastest recorded pitch in major league baseball was clocked at 100 point 8 MPH If a pitch were thrown horizontally with this velocity how far would the ball fall vertically?

The vertical distance between the release point and the ground.

If gravity did not affect the path of a horizontally thrown ball what would happen to the ball?

travel horizontally

What objects exhibit two dimensional motion?

Two vectors that do not lie along the same line. I wish someone would have posted this for me. ^_^

Does an object with more weight repuire more force to accelerate than an object with lighter weight?

It certainly does. That's why you have to push it harder to accelerate it horizontally. But that "more weight" that it has is exactly the more force it needs for vertical acceleration, and that's why all objects fall with the same acceleration.

Is the force of gravity on an object at rest in free fall and the same object horizontally?

Yes. The force of gravity is the same, 9.8m/s2, whether an object is at rest, in vertical motion, or horizontal motion, because the force of gravity is due to the mass of the earth and not to the motion of any object. The force of gravity does decrease slightly with altitude, as distance from the center of the earth increases.

What is a falling object on which gravity is the only force?

Such an object is said to be in "free fall".

Does an object in free fall go faster or slower?

"Free fall" means that the only force on the object is the force of gravity. In that situation, the object is accelerating in response to the force, so it's going faster. Its speed is growing at a rate called the 'acceleration of gravity' at the place where it's located.

When the midday sun fall vertically over the tropics what is the day called?

sunny day

When does mass cause an object to fall faster?

Mass does not cause an object to fall faster.

When is an object to in free fall?

A falling object.