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Yes, it actually does have a bit of sugar. Some types of fruit have their own sugar in it. It's so small you can't see it.

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Is there sugar in an orange?

I'm certain there is sucrose in an orange, which is basically sugar, but sugar in fruits are healthier than sugar cane and such.

Does a peanut butter sandwich have more sugar then a orange?

no, but the sugar in the orange is healthy.

How much sugar in one orange?

For a medium sized orange there is about 12 grams of sugar

Which is healthier orange or orange juice?

Orange because orange juice have a lot of sugar in it

What has more sugar - bananas or orange?


Which is better orange or orange juice?

orange juice I think orange is heathier because orange juice has sugar

How many grams of sugar in 1 cup orange juice compared to 1 orange?

A cup of Tropicana "Some Pulp" orange juice has 37g of sugar in an 8 oz. serving. A medium sized Navel orange has 14g of sugar.

How much sugar in a mandarine?

The average mandarin orange is high in natural sugar. Each orange has 7.4 grams of sugar and 37 calories (0 from fat).

Does eating an orange raise blood sugar?

no it cannot raise your blood sugar because the orange has vitamin c and d in it

Does cranberry juice have less sugar than orange juice?

Yes cranberry juice does have less sugar than orange

How many sugar grams are in an orange?

9.14g of sugars on average in an orange.

What else besides vitamin c is in orange juice?

sugar and orange

Sugar is in a orange?

YES! there r sugar in an orange....its not da kind of sugar dat iz bad 4 u..k? its *NOT* sugar it?! k...good 4 u...:)

What kind of sugar is in an orange?


Does orange juice have salt or sugar?


Orange juice baking soda sugar is this a chemical change?

Orange juice is mixtyre; baking soda sugar are compounds. They are not "changes".

How many calories in a pint of orange juice?

One pint of orange juice contains 224 calories. Most of the calories in orange juice come from sugar. There are 42 grams of sugar in a pint of orange juice.

How much sugar in a small orange?

In one small orange, there are approximately nine grams of sugar. There's also approximately forty five calories in a single small orange.

What is the composition of orange juice?

Orange juice is composed of water, orange pulp, sugar, and citric acid.

How much sugar is in one can of orange crush?

there is 34 grams of sugar in 1 cup of orange crush pop. one can of orange crush equals 1 1/2 cups, therefore 34 + 17 = 54 grams of sugar

Is orange juice high in sugar?

Not as much as water. Water has a ton of sugar in it.

How much sugar in 12 oz of orange juice?

8 oz of florida natural Orange juice has 22 grams of sugar. 8 oz of tropicana OJ also holds 22 grams of sugar. Why because the juice in oranges is basicly sugar water. IE one large orange fruit, has 17 grams of sugar in it.

How many grams of sugar in an orange?


How much sugar in an orange?

Approx. 8,5 %.

What is the sugar in orange juice called?


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