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owl eats bat!!:)

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Can an owl eat an bat?

owl with its huge jaw and teeth can defiantly eat an bat

Can an owl eat a bat?

an owl can eat an owl they will prey it then they eat it bit buy bit

Different between an owl and a bat?

owl and bat are same because they both eat nectar

What eats a fruit bat?

A owl can eat a Fruit bat or any kind of bat.

What are the differences between owls and bats?

there are many differences between the owl and the batthe owl has a beak, the bat has a snout like mouththe owl has feathers, the bat has fur (very short)the owl has jagged edges in its beak ,the bat has teeththe owl has a larger wing span, the bat has finger like hooks at the end of its wingsthe owl has holes as ears ,the bat has earsowls eat mice and small creatures, the bat eats mainly fruit (some eat insects and drink blood)

How are a bat and an owl different?

bat is a mammal and owl is a bird

Will an owl eat a bat?

No not really the bat and the owl sort of work together by killing bugs and they know that they work together and don`t attack each other

Is the owl strong or the bat?

A owl

What is faster a bat or an owl?

the bat is faster

How best does an owl survives than a bat?

a bat survives best at night an owl can see but a bat has good haering too.

What happens when an owl and a bat live together in a niche?

Obviously,the bat will suck the owls blood and kill the owl.

What animal eats a fruit bat?

A fruit bat is the prey of an owl

What eats an insect bat?


What can eat a spotted owl?

A barred owl can eat a spotted owl.

Can a bat kill a owl?

No, They don't kill a owl because owl is predator. Owls kill bats.

What is the difference between batman and owl man?

one is a bat, the other an owl!

Can an owl eat a snake?

a snake can eat the owl...

Are a bat and owl both nocturnal?


A nocturnal animal that flies?

Owl, bat.

Does an owl eat a snake?

Yes, an owl can eat a snake.

Can a dingo eat a owl?

Yes a dingo can eat a owl

Can a moose eat an owl?

no moose doesn't eat meat or if it does it can't eat owl

What do owl butterflies eat?

Owl butterflies usually eat bananas.

Can a bobcat eat an owl?

yes, a bobcat can eat a owl(some can).

Will a dingo eat an owl?

Yes a diingo would eat an owl.