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Yes, a front and a rear sight.

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Q: Does and airsoft gun M16 have a sight on it?
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Will a m16 magazine work with a an m82 airsoft gun?


Is the m16 a good airsoft gun?

It depends on the manufacturer.

What is better the M16 or the M4 carbine airsoft gun?


What is the best airsoft gun for 150?

The best airsoft gun you could get for $150 would probably be an Aftermath gun, but you could get a JG M4 or M16 for under $150

What is the difference between a blowback m16 and a non blowback m16?

There is no difference! A m16 or any other gun must be blowback to work. Are you talking about airsoft or something, it does not matter. So a real m16 is already blowback, cant change that! and if your talking about airsoft it does not matter

What is an electric sight on an airsoft gun?

an electric sight is a "red dot" sight that uses a laser to project a red dot where the airsoft bbs will go when you sight it it.

Where can one purchase an M16 airsoft gun?

The M16 Airsoft gun can be purchased at Hobby Tron, Amazon and Game Spot. A beginner can purchase one for 40 to 50 dollars. You must be 18 years of age to purchase one of these guns.

How old to you have to be to purchase a sight for an airsoft gun?

There is no restriction on age for a sight in the USA.

Is a aeg electric m16 assault rifle fps-200 a good airsoft gun?

Not bad

Does the M14 airsoft rifle compare to the M16 airsoft rifle?

Yes, in a few ways. They both have 509mm barrels. The have similar sight systems. Differences: Gearboxes: M16-Version 2, M14- Version 7 Magazines Design

What a reliable airsoft gun?

i air soft alot..........i have many most reliable gun i use is my m16 fully automatic

How long is an m16 airsoft gun?

The HK 416 Gas Blowback airsoft rifle measures 31.7 inches with buttstock collapsed and 34.8 inches extended.