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Does are female deer and Stags are male deer. Fawns are yound deer. Stags have antlers.

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When was Michigan Stags created?

Michigan Stags was created in 1974.

When did Michigan Stags end?

Michigan Stags ended in 1975.

What is the name of the place where stags live?

Real stags live in the forest.

When was Toronto Awaba Stags FC created?

Toronto Awaba Stags FC was created in 1922.

When was Fairfield Stags men's lacrosse created?

Fairfield Stags men's lacrosse was created in 1973.

Are deer and stags herbivores?

Stags ARE deer. All deer are herbivores

Are stags herbivores?


What rhymes with stags?

Bags, gags, hags, nags, lags, tags, rags, sags, and snags rhyme with stags.

How do you say 'stags' in Bulgarian?

STAGS is the plural of STAGSTAG[stæg]I. 1. елен (особ. в петата година)2. кастриран бик/шопар3. борсов спекулант

What is the collective noun for a group of stag?

There is no specific collective noun for stag, however the collective nouns for buck (a male deer) will work, for example a herd of stags, a brace of stags, or a clash of stags.

What is a plural form of stag?


What is the name of a stags mate?


When was the period of stags and hens set?


What car emblem has a stags head?


What is the opposite gender of stags?

connor donerly

What are the difference and similarity of doe and stag?

Well, if you're referring to deer, that would be the most immediate similarity: both does and stags are differing sex of the same species. Doe are the female. Stags are males. More specifically, stags are bucks that have not been mated with a doe.

The nickname of Mansfield Town Football Club?

the stags

What are guys going alone to pubs called?


Are goats ever called 'stags'?

No female goats are known as does, male goats as bucks, castrated male goats as wethers and young goats are called kids.

Nickname of football club mansfield town?

the stags yellows

What is the main stem of a stags antler called?

It is called the beam.

Do stags live in Africa?

because they have envolved in their enviroment that they prefer

What are 'stags'?

Male deer. The word is also used to refer to a male who attends a party or dance without a female partner. In such a case, the phrase "going stag" is often used.

When you reached what I thought was China I saw white bears and very large stags that looked like horses?

that is not a question but the white bears were pandas and the large stags were just regular horses

What is the name of the seven stags of Santa Claus?

prancer, dancer, blitzen, Donner, cupid , dasher, comet, vixen, And if you want to include Rudolph so actually there is nine DEER not all stags

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