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Any gameboy charger will work.

I dont think so. I have Nintendo Ds, Ds Lite, And Dsi Chargers and none of them work. It takes a longer charger head. The gameboy sp charger wont work either.

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Well the game boy micro has its own charger i think its only its own charger that will work it looks like a DSi input though but yeah it has its own charger.. no no no dont listen to that guy! the only charger that works is the original gameboy miro charger!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

DS lite charger will work on a GBMicro, DSi and DS normal don't work. DS works with all SP models.

Wht other chargers can also work with the gameboy micro

no it will not work cause the gbm has a bigger slot than a ds lite sorry :(

No, for as the gameboy micro's socket is skinny and long the gameboy advance's is short and fat

No it does not. The regular PSVita has a proprietary charger slot, while the PSVita Slim uses a USB Micro port.

No. A Nintendo DS or DS lite charger does not work on any other system. The DSi, DSiXL, 3DS, and 3DS XL systems have the same charger.

To connect a GameBoy Advance with a GameBoy Micro you will need both the GameBoy Micro transfer cable and a GameBoy Micro adapter (to be connected to the original GameBoy Advance or SP).

NiMH batteries will need an NiMh battery charger,no other type will work.

No, the dark grey Nintendo DS lite charger is different than the black original Nintendo DS & Game Boy Advanced SP charger.

If it is the gameboy gameshark then it should work.

charger work by the energy that powers it up. When it's powered up it can work and charge anything that the charger goes with.

No. The regular DS/GBA charger, and the DS lite charger, do not work with a 3DS. But the DSi charger does.

No. The GBA and the original DS use the same black charger, but the dark grey DS lite charger won't work on either.

No. The DS lite charger is much smaller than the SP charger.

That depends what ds charger it is. If it's the charger to a ds lite or ds i, no. It will be to small. If it is the charger to an original ds, then yes.(I've used an original ds charger for my gameboy before). It also works the other way around. Gameboy chargers work on the original ds.

You can use one of your old chargers and see if it will work. Other than that you have to buy another charger.

On the original Nintendo DS yes they use the same charger, but on the Nintendo DS lite and Nintendo DSi that is not the case.

You need to change the batteries or charge it with a charger that you can get at game stop

Yes, they are the same connector and have the same voltages. It should work.

Nope, it will not work on other iPods it is way to small and the other iPods are way to heavy and big to hang like that. The iPod shuffle charger may work on the 2g and the 3g I'm not completely sure

no the ds charger is not the same as the dsi charger and the ds charger will NOT work on the dsi

people say you can use any type of charger that fit

The original Gameboy and the original GBA use batteries. The GBA SP has a charger, but the 'jack' is one that fits the GBA SP (and original DS) only. A DSi charger fits only the DSi, it will not work with any other model of DS or GBA, even the DSi XL.

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