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Yes, American School is used by many for homeschooling. It even has a Seal of Approval from

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Q: Does anyone go through American School for their homeschooling?
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Is anyone on here taking or have taken world literature through American school homeschooling?

Yeah I have email me at sherritn@ maybe we can work out a trade :D

what do i need to do to start homeschooling my son?

If your child has never been enrolled in a public school, you do not need to inform anyone. If your child has been in a public school, you fill out a withdraw form just as you would if you were moving or putting him in private school. For reason or new school, write "homeschool."

Who do you ask in my school to be homeschool?

You do not ask anyone. The parent or legal guardian of the student fills out and sends in a letter of intent to the local school board. You also must learn and follow your state's homeschool laws and requirements. Then there are many styles and approaches to homeschooling. There are many ways to go about it.

Who is normally in homeschooling?

Pretty much anyone can be homeschooled... but kids with overprotective parents are likely to be homeschooled. Children with learning disabilities. Kids who are bullied in school. And kids who have mothers (or fathers) who are willing to spend all day with their kid to teach them.

I am looking to find out of home placement for my 14 year old son who has Autism and is very verbally, physically aggressive and abusive and refuses to attend school. Does anyone know of any help or services in this immediate area geared towards this iss?

You can try homeschooling your child, however you must have certification through your state and follow all state laws for homeschool.

Is home schooling a better option than public schooling?

Home schooling has its pros and cons. You can give your child a better education than some public schools can offer, but you also take away a majority of the life lessons your child would learn in a regular school. For me, homeschooling was ten times better than the regular school system. I got a ten times better education than the public school system (which is a joke), anyone with half a brain can do better than the public education system. I was also protected from the harshness of the school yard which I am immensely grateful for. And all my life lessons where taught from my mother anyway, all school taught me to do was to swear and have sex with random people. My mother also made sure I never missed out on opportunities to socialize with people I liked. I got all the socializing of a regular high-schooler without all the teasing etc. of the normal school yard and a better education to boot. I think homeschooling is a very good idea and I am speaking as one who has gone through both homeschooling and normal school (til grade 10).

Are there any state or federal tax breaks for homeschooling families?

And anyone with that I don't have any kids and pay lots of school taxes (in several states) to make sure everyone in society can get and do I get a tax break too?

Does an American high school have to accept anyone who applies if they live in that area like if the student is foreign and has moved there recently?

In general, yes- if it is a public school.

Can American Indians go to college for free?

No more than anyone else, through scholarships.

How does homeschooling affect the kids life?

I am a sophomore in high school that has been homeschooled my whole life. So far, I can tell you that it has affected me most in my time managment skills. Being homeschooled, your schedule is not rigid like most public/private schools. This can make it very difficult to adjust to learn how to manage your time later (like, in high school) when it has a BIG impact on your grades and your life. Also, homeschooling can sometimes, in my case, keep a kid REALLY sheltered depending on your homeschooling style. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, but it can be a big culture shock when "homeschooler meets world," so to speak. Lastly, homeschooling often secludes a child. Imagine, during the day, they child is at home. If you're not involved in any homeschool groups, this can be lonely for a child. There are positive things about homeschooling too! Homeschooling is a great prepeeration for college (so I've been told by friends now in college) because your child will learn how to be independent with his/her schoolwork. Also, flexibility is another favored perk of homeschooling for a lot of families. I hope this helps! Please keep in mind that this is just my personal experience, so these opinions may not be shared by anyone else.

can they keep me fro homeschooling my 13 year old what are the laws of home schooling and whre does it say you have to be treated like an idiot for wanting to do so?

Judging by your excellent grammar, I think it might be in your child's best interest if you did not homeschool him or her. No. They cannot prevent you from homeschooling your child. That is entirely your choice. People do it for religious reasons, their kids having problems in school, or simply because they feel that they can provide a better education than that school system can. Don't let anyone make you think that you don't have the right to homeschool your children. Good luck.

Does anyone have answers for Speech exam 6 for American school?

The answers will depend entirely on the questions of which none have been given.