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Try Numrich Gun Parts Corp.they may have what you are looking for.

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Q: Does anyone have a exploded view of savage west point model 167 410 shot gun?
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Does anyone have an exploded view of savage west point model 168 12 gauge shot gun?

It will take some searching on your part but this site has a lot of manuals you can download:

What is the value of a savage west point model 410 series k 30-06 bolt action rifle?

west Point was a store brand used for firearms sold by Cotter Hardware. Your rifle is POSSIBLY a Savage, values depend on condition, but would be somewhere in the $100-$125 range. If you have a model number, you may contact me through my mesage board.

Looking for a clip for a west point Savage Arms 22 model 434?

me too, i have the same gun, how much is it worth? i heard they were made in 1965?

How much is a west point 22 rifle worth?

West Point was a brand name used by Savage/ Stevens for a basic 22 rifle. Values will depend on exact model, and condition, but are not high- somewhere in the $50-$125 range.

Model 410 30-06 west point rifles?

The Westpoint 410 Series K .30-06 Bolt Action Rifle. Westpoint was a trade name for Savage for Cotter & Company also know as Cotter Hardware. The Westpoint 410 is comparable to the Savage 110

What year was a west point savage arms 22 short long rifle model 434 made It was made in westfield mass US?

I own one of these myself. i ran across an ad on eBay that advertised these guns for sale in a 1965 savage catalog.

Who is a labor Prime Minister who introduced Social Security and a memorial to him stands at Bastion Point?

Michael Joseph Savage

Why would a chart maker show an exploded slice in a pie chart?

To emphasize a particular data point.

What can you tell me about a 32 cal savage pistol serial 214891?

Since Savage made three different semi-automatic pistols in .32 ACP it is lucky that they used a continuous serial number system. S/N 214891 should be a model 1907. There were some 14 versions of the model 1907 in .32 ACP made starting in 1908 and ending in 1920. Based on the serial number, yours should be the last version of the model 1907, the model 1907-19 Modification #2, made in 1919 or 1920. About 26,400 were made of that particular version. It is most notable because the cocking burr used on earlier model 1907s was replaced by a cocking spur (as found on the model 1917), although that had been an option on earlier versions. Savage model 1907s are sometimes mis-identified as a "model 1905" or "model 1910". There were no such Savage pistols; the Savage semi-automatics were the model 1907, the model 1915, and the model 1917, all made in both .32 ACP and in .380 ACP. However, when looking for information or parts for the model 1907, it is important to remember to check under 1905 and 1910 as well. When the Savage pistols came out, their 10-round magazine (.32 ACP only -- the .380 ACP magazine held 9 rounds) was a major selling point -- no other pistol at the time held as many rounds. There was also a .45 Savage pistol of the same design (but larger), developed in hopes of winning a US Army contract; it was the only other finalist against the Colt 1911, which won the contract and became the standard US military sidearm until relatively recently. Only a few hundred of these Savage pistols were made, and they are highly prized.

What is the value of a 20 gauge West Point Model 949c series m single shot made by Savage Arms Westield Mass serial c504518 and where can you get a firing pin for it?

All I know is they produced these around 1977..

What years was the Stevens 325-C 30-30 produced Or what year was serial numbers required?

the Stevens model 325 series was produced by Savage from 1947 until it was discontinued in 1950.Later savage manufactured the 340 (essentially the same gun) under the Savage name.Serial numbers were required under the gun control act which was made into law in 1968.From that point on all firearms made were required to have serial numbers.

What is the age and value of a savage west point 424 series p?

$375-$450 as of 2,22,2012