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Importers' names were seldom marked on guns before it was required by the 1968 Gun Control Act, so I'd say it is no more than 35 years old. I believe 10.3 mm would be full and 10.7 mm modified choke measurements for a .410. I doubt if this is anything better than a field grade or utility shotgun, so if it is fully functional and retains 90% of the original finish, a .410 double should retail for close to $400 in most markets.

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Q: Does anyone have any information on a Zabala Hnds S R C Eibar s x s 20 ga. shotgun?
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How do you find a forearm for a 10 gauge sxs Zabala Hnds src Eibar?

try bob's gun shop royal,ar

How much is a 12 gauge mugica eibar shotgun worth?

Around the 500nzd mark

How do you find value of Eibar Animo express 12 Gauge Shotgun?

You can find the value of an Eibar Animo Express 12 gauge shotgun by taking the gun to an expert at a pawn shop or at a gun store. You can also find the value by searching websites like GunStar online.

Felix sarasqueta shotgun history?

Felix was a shotgun manuf. of Eibar, Spain. Side by sides were imported by Sarasqueta of North America of Coral Gables, Fla.

What does animo firar mean on a 12 gage shot gun?

Animo is (was) a shotgun manufacturer in Eibar Spain. Most likely your shotgun is a side by side model.

What country made Eibar Animo express 12 Gauge Shotgun?

Spain. Likely pre-Spanish Civil war.

What is the population of Eibar?

The population of Eibar is 27,378.

When was Eibar Coa born?

Eibar Coa was born on 1971-02-15.

What is the value of a Eibar shotgun 10 gauge side by side?

If this is a American Arms recent import shotgun from Spain,then the value would be between 400-500 dollars for a shotgun which is in pristine condition.If this is a older made Spanish shotgun,then I would need the makers name,overall condition and barrel length,to have any hopes of helping you.

I need info on Cal 6.35 auto pistol with SM on grips and Eibar proof mark.?

The Eibar proofmark means it is of Spanish make.

What is approximate value and production date of a Laurona Eibar Over-under shotgun?

: depending what Laurona you are talking about,and new or used : new 600$-1400$ by Brandur

Are zabala shotguns RELIABLE?

I have had a Zabala SRC Eibar 12 ga and have used the gun for 35 years with out a problem. It has been very reliable. I would classify it has a heavy and very solid firearm. My wife bought it for me on our 3rd Christmas in 1976. It now has a special spot in my collection and is used only occasionally. I thought it would loosen up but everything still seems to be tight. Trkittle, Celina, OH

Youre trying to find info on a 12 gauge side by side with the words Du Bois as well as Armas bost Eibar.?

Go to and do a search for Bost and you will come up with at least two shotguns like yours that are for sale, and will provide some information on the shotgun itself.

What is the value of a Mercury Model 700 from Guernica Spain?

Good usable double shotgun from the Eibar region of Spain. Imported by Tradewinds during the 1970's. Value up to $350.

Is a Sears and Roebuck double barrel shotgun made in Spain by Lavrona Eibar mod 153542350 20 gauge shotgun that has a mismarked barrel as a 12 gauge of any value?

Value as a shooter. Find someone who collects this type and it may bring a small premium.

What is the value of Double Barrel 410 shotgun DF Escopetas JaBe Eibar?

i have one of these. i saw it in agun catalogue for $1600, well engraved. if you find out more, I would like to know.

What is a Elbur 20 gauge shotgun double barrel marixa worth?

Marixa is a Spanish brand. Elbur is probably Eibar, which is a town where a lot of Spanish guns are made. It could be worth several hundred dollars.

What is the value of a 410 side by side double barrel made by the Richland Arms Company?

Richland was an importer. Zabala Hermanos (Brothers) of EIbar, Spain, made the gun. Spanish shotguns range from the lowest to the (at least near) highest quality, and the values vary accordingly. Would need to be examined "in hand" to make a good guess.

What is the value of 12 gauge double barrel Laurona Sears Roebuck shotgun made in Chicago Illinois?

Sears was headquartered in Chicago, but Laurona is in Eibar, Spain. Their double barrels list all the way from $150 for a Model 67 in 60% to $5000 for a Model 802 Eagle in 100% new condition, so more information is required to determine the value. I doubt if a shotgun sold through Sears will be one of the top grades, but it could still be worth several hundred dollars.

What is information on a Sloan's SG Co SXS 10 gauge pos?

imported in the 70s by Sloan Sporting Goods in NY, Worth $50 to $150, depending on gauge and condition. Look at the water table and under the chambers, your shotgun is probably stamped H over a Z in an oval with a crown above. If yes, it was manufactured by ZAMACOLA HERMANOS (RIP) previously located in EIBAR.

Where can you find information about a 12 gauge double barrel shotgun marked Marixa Eibar Made in Spain Volunteer Blumenfeld Co and Menphis - not Memphis?

The proof markings on the gun indicate it was made by Armas Marixa. These shotguns were made in the 1970's. As i find more i will add to this post. Mine is marked Memphis. It is 12 gauge with a three inch chamber.

What is the value of a over and under 12 gauge Sears and Roebuck double barrel shotgun Ted Williams model number 153512740 Laurona Eibar made in Spain?

I give wou two dolla wound eye, and I cruch you like paypa.

What is the value of a single break over FA Eibar discoverer shotgun?

The doubles I've seen labeled by this name were made by Francisco Anitua and the sidelocks seem to be selling on Gunbroker for $300.00 in good condition. However the reviews I have read from owners were all positive.

How do you brake down a fast eibar 32 cal pistol?

You need a gunsmith

When was Antxon Urrusolo born?

Antxon Urrusolo was born in 1954, in Eibar, Spain.