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The identity of the egwugwu is kept secret in the Igbo society, and unveiling their identities is taboo. Any suspicion or attempt to uncover their identities is highly discouraged, as it can lead to severe consequences.

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Q: Does anyone suspect the identity of the egwugwu?
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What was done to the egwugwu that caused them to be angry?

One of the egwugwu was unmasked, killing the egwugwu.

Who unmasked an egwugwu?

Enoch, a Christian convert, unmasks an egwugwu, killing it.

What is the name of the chief egwugwu?

The chief egwugwu is called Evil Forest.

Was okonkwo in things fall part a spirit?

Okonkwo did play the role of an egwugwu in the egwugwu court.

Who do the egwugwu represent?

"Egwugwu" is used in Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe to represent the gods.

Why does Enoch's unmasking of the egwugwu encourage the clan?

Enoch's unmasking of the egwugwu enrages the clan, and forces them into option.

Why did the egwugwu gather In Things Fall Apart?

The egwugwu gather for several reasons:FestivalsCourtFuneralsRevenging the death of one of their own.

Why are there nine people in the egwugwu clan?

Each egwugwu represents a village of the clan. There are nine villages in the clan.

Do you know Anyone personally who is a victim of identity?


What details first caused Miss Hinch to suspect the identity of the old woman?

Jessie Dark

What happened when Enoch unmasked an egwugwu?

When Enoch unmasked an egwugwu in Chinua Achebe's novel "Things Fall Apart," it was seen as a great offense because the egwugwu represented powerful ancestral spirits. The unmasking disrupted the traditional order and caused outrage among the clan members, leading to serious consequences for Enoch and his family.

What is the egwugwu ceremony in the igbo culture?

Egwugwu were present in many ceremonies in the Igbo culture. They were present at funerals of honoured men, to pay homage to dead warriors. There was also an egwugwu court, where they would preside over cases among mortals.