Ariana Grande

Does ariana griana know where i live?

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Ariana lived with her grandmother, her mother, and her mother's boyfriend. This is true. I know because I am Ariana. Not Ariana Grande, but another Ariana.

Currently, Ariana Grande is living in L.A with her brother.

well I am Ariana Grande so I should know

When Ariana does a live chat she goes to twitcam. She used to use Ustream but she doesn't anymore :/

You do all the stuff she loves how would i know because i like her and you need to go to los angeles and look online and ask where does ariana grande live and it will say los angeles and dalton gomez and ariana grande are ingaged

can you skype from luke desborough

Ariana Grande will live in Los Angeles as long as she wants to.

Hi, it's Ariana Grande! My nieces name is Kayla. Then my other one is Jaelyn! I hope i get to know you all better! I love you and i hope you enjoyed my new live stream video!

Ariana lives in a suburb north of Hollywood called Toluca Lake, CA.

It's possible that Justin Bieber knows a girl named Ariana. It's hard to know who Justin Bieber knows. He knows a lot of people, though, so he might know someone named Ariana.

Ariana Grande's skype is grandeari :) she skyped me

Hi ariana How long do you know Liz when you been together from the musical 13 ?

Ariana Grande may have a Moshi Monster but it would be impossible to know for sure! Remember, somebody who claims to be Ariana Grande may not actually be them.

Well... Ariana Grande didn't even know it was coming, but there was a producer watching her sing in 13 the muscle and when the show was finished he talk to her mom, ariana,and her dad...and ariana grande said yes!

its a 50/50 chance up to her really......

no she lives with her mom and older brother

nonoAriana Grande did not play Fiona in Shrek. it has always been Cameron Diaz.

so if you really wanna know just go to youtube and search in ariana grandes home and she takes you on a tour.

That is private, she is the only one that should and does know that. :]

She Does. I'm sorry I don't know the type but I know its name is Coco Grande

Ariana Grande has admitted she doesn't know much about sport, even though she would like to learn.

I think the best chat room to talk to ariana grande is upstream because it's on YouTube and she dose it live

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