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2012-03-12 03:37:47
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Q: Does assure detox clean your system of cocaine?
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Is it possible to clean out your system from cocaine in 24hrs without using special detox's from the store?


What is a good detox drink to clean your system of marijuana?

Mix a lot of cocaine with water, that will clear your system of marijuana

Does yogi detox tea clear your system of cocaine?

Do yogi detox tea help rid of cocaine?

Will the champ detox work on cocaine if you done it 3 hours before drinking?

Will champ clean heroin out your system

If you drink cranberryjuice will that detox your system of cocaine?


Will assure detox block cocaine for 1 hour?

I used it for a drug test in 5 days and it worked.

What will detox cocaine out of your system in 24 hours?

Cranberry and water

What food help you to clean your body from cocaine?

foods NEVER clean drugs from your body. what you need is a detox liquid. they are sold in CVS drug stores. but Cocaine is a drug that leaves the body in at most 2 days in snorted. any other drug you need a detox if your trying to get it out of your system. good luck.

Will green tea clean your system and are there any items we eat or drink that will get cocaine out of system to pass a urine screen?

No kido just drink detox. You can find it at Rite Aid

Does the detox cleansing drink gets crack cocaine out your system?

Yes it does

How long does strip detox clean your system for?

how long will you stay clean aftertakink strip detox drink

Will a urine test for cocaine show positive 7 days after cocaine usage?

YES!! it stays in your system for a while..unless you go to gnc and buy this detox drink to clean you out!hurry up go buy it!

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