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Does backfiring in a decelerating motorcycle engine cause damage to the engine?

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No it doesn't cause any damage your just running the bike too rich you should try to use a higher octane fuel and that should balance it out. However, there is another possibility and that is the bit of rubber "hose" connecting the carburetors and the inlet manifold / cylinder head has deteriorated. The rubber becomes hardened as it ages, and air leaks can happen. This means that the mixture of gas and oxygen that gets to the engine has too much oxygen in proportion to gasoline. The only way to fix this is to change the rubber parts. These may be easy or difficult to obtain, depending on the age and or make of the motorcycle. I read somewhere that increased oxygen makes the engine run hotter than normal, under these circumstances, when the short rubber hoses get hardened.

2013-04-05 03:02:21
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Why does your maf sensor keep going bad in your 1999 suburban?

if the engine is backfiring it will damage the maf,.

Can soda in a gas tank damage a motorcycle?

yes, if it goes through the engine it can seriously harm the motorcycle.

Check engine report on engine?


What causes backfiring or popping in the exhaust of a v twin motorcycle engine?

Could be a hole or leak at one of the joints or cylinder head bolts / nuts.

Does water damage an motorcycle engine?

YEs! Don't let water in your engine or it's toast!

What implications does it make if you exceed from the normal use of motorcycle 2 stroke engine?

You are likely to damage the engine.

How do you stop a motorcycle from backfiring?

Rev the engine six or seven times before coming to a complete stop. Rev it all the way to the edge every time you stop.

Why is your lawn mower backfiring?

If it is backfiring only when you kill the engine, allow the engine to idle a few minutes before you kill it. If it is backfiring while in use, check the intake gasket and bolts for wear or looseness.

What causes an engine to spin backwards?


What would cause backfiring?

Exhaust leaks close to the engine.

If a motorcycle engine is turned off and the choke is left pulled out for an indiscriminate amount of time unintentionally will this damage or dirty the carbuerator?

No,it may flood the engine.

What damage to a motorcycle engine if you fill up with diesel instead of petrol?

Won't run Drain fuel system

What does it mean if the engine backfires on a Honda vfr 750f motorcycle?

I own a 1994 Honda Magna 750 which has the same engine as the vfr 750. I experienced backfiring problems. I went to my local auto supply store and purchased a can of Sea Foam. I mixed the prescribed amount in with my gas. I did this until the entire can was empty. I no longer experience backfiring problems. It was an inexpensive quick fix. Sometimes the carbs get varnish in them and may cause backfiring. Sea Foam cleans the carbs and removes the varnish. Hope this helps you.

What is the lowest cc an engine can be before it is considered a motorcycle in AL?

Engine size has nothing to do with the definition of a motorcycle. If it has 2 wheels, powered by an engine and has no pedals it's a motorcycle.

Why is a motorcycle engine better to use then a car engine?

because a motorcycle uses less gas than a cars engine=)

Honda AC05E engine code - what model Honda motorcycle is this engine from?

Honda PE01E engine code - what model Honda motorcycle is this engine from?

Is a 90ci engine motorcycle equal to 900c engine motorcycle?

No, I don't think so. A 90Ci engine is equal to 1474.835 cc.

Will stalling damage a motorcycle engine?

Not really, the engine has little mass and will just stop. Stalling will stretch primary and drive chains perhaps and could put excessive strain on the transmission.

what year is this honda motorcycle engine # cb550e-1080714?

what year is this honda motorcycle engine # cb550e-1080714

has engine been damage?

has engine been damage

What are the symptoms of a dead engine?

The term 'dead engine' is usually meant to refer to an engine that wont start. The symptoms are that the engine does not start, the starter might turn it over, but that is it. No firing, no backfiring, the engine is effectively 'dead.'

Does revving your engine damage it?

No revving your engine dosent damage it.

What is the purpose of a motorcycle engine?

The purpose of a motorcycle engine is to propel the motorcycle forward via the gas or diesel engine. The motor of the motor cycle makes it different from other two wheeled vehicles, in that it is self propelled, as opposed to manually powered.

Since the carburetor was overhauled the 1984 Yamaha enticer snowmobile keeps backfiring?

The engine backfiring at idle, and at slightly off idle speeds is indicative of a lean fuel/air mixture. Try enriching your fuel mixture.

What is a big motorcycle engine?

I would say a 455 hp V8 like you would see on a Boss Hoss motorcycle is a big engine.