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Does backfiring in a decelerating motorcycle engine cause damage to the engine?

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2013-04-05 03:02:21

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No it doesn't cause any damage your just running the bike too

rich you should try to use a higher octane fuel and that should

balance it out. However, there is another possibility and that is

the bit of rubber "hose" connecting the carburetors and the inlet

manifold / cylinder head has deteriorated. The rubber becomes

hardened as it ages, and air leaks can happen. This means that the

mixture of gas and oxygen that gets to the engine has too much

oxygen in proportion to gasoline. The only way to fix this is to

change the rubber parts. These may be easy or difficult to obtain,

depending on the age and or make of the motorcycle. I read

somewhere that increased oxygen makes the engine run hotter than

normal, under these circumstances, when the short rubber hoses get


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