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Q: Does biomass work well with other forms of energy?
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Will solar energy work well if the other forms of energy?

can solar power work with other forms of energy

Can most forms of energy be transformed into other forms of energy?

YES no well its actually yes

Can Most forms of energy can be transformed into other forms?

YES no well its actually yes

Does biomass energy only come from plants?

Biomass is material derived from living organisms. The term biomass for energy is often used to refer to plant based materials, but it can equally apply to animal, as well as vegetable matter--the key is 'living organisms'. So no, biomass engergy does not ONLY come from plants.

Can you have energy without electricity?

yes, energy comes in many other forms as well, light, heat, sound, motion.

Where is biomass used?

Biofuel, biodiesel, or ethanol. biofuel is a general term. biodiesel and ethanol are types of biofuel. There are other types as well, but no others have really made it past scientific testing stages yet.

How is biomass energy easily renewed?

well you get a banana and it blows up while playing a violin. the end

Can animals create biomass?

Yes sure it can , it has methane rich gas ( 64 to 67 % of CH4 )

What element is a poor conductor of energy and electric current?

Non-metals in general do not conduct electricity or other forms of energy as well as metals do. Helium would be an example.

What type of energy does a sun use?

Solar EnergyNexr AnswerThe sun uses nuclear fusion energy to create solar energy (light and heat) as well as many other forms of radiation.

How does the biomass of the autotrophs compare with one biomass of the herbivores?

well first biomass means that energy of source. the autotrophs means the producer, is an organism that produces complex organic compounds. the herbivores are the ones who eats plants.

What two processes transform chemical energy into ATP?

The Kreb's Citric Acid Cycle as well as other forms of Atp-neo-genesis.