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Does bleeding during ovulation come from the uterus?

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Usually the biggest reason you spot during ovulation is when an egg attaches it self to the uterus for conception.

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Is it normal to have bleeding for one or two days during ovulation a few days after egg-whites come out?

Some women do experience bleeding during ovulation but if this is unusual for you then it may be implantation bleeding or caused by a infection.

Does cervical mucus come before or after ovulation?

it comes during ovulation

Is it possible to have your period if you are 1-2 weeks pregnant?

No, it is not possible to have a menstrual cycle if you are pregnant. It is common to have bleeding during your first trimester and about 30% of women have bleeding during second trimester. This bleeding is not a menstrual cycle, it is most often attributed to decidual bleeding, that is when your hormones get so out of whack that parts of the uterus lining come off, this causes bleeding. This is exceedingly common during the first trimester.

How can you get a positive ovulation test and your period in the same day?

With ovulation, it can happen any time during a woman's monthly cycle. Some woman ovulate in between periods some woman ovulate during their period. With this being said, ovulation tests can also come out as positive when the tested is pregnant. Bleeding can happen during pregnancy such as implantation bleeding as well as bleeding caused by hormones throughout pregnancy. Some women will bleed only during the first, second, or third trimester while others will bleed throughout the whole pregnancy. Try taking a pregnancy test. If positive contact your doctor to ensure the pregnancy is vital, and if negative then try doing ovulation tests for another month or two to see if the time frame changes. You could just happen to be one of the women who ovulalte directly before or during your period!

How soon a baby should be in the uterus?

A pregnancy test MAY show positive from about 10 days after ovulation. But the period may still come. I am not sure what the first answer means.

Where the sperms go during intercourse after hysterectomy?

They come back out just like they did before. When she had a uterus they didn't stay there either. The uterus was a dead end.

Where does the blood come from on a period?

The discharge of blood comes from a woman's uterus. The bleeding is the result of cyclic hormonal changes. The ovaries produce eggs and female hormones. During the normal menstrual cycle, an egg will be released from one ovary. The egg travels from the ovary through a Fallopian tube to the Uterus. The cycle ends with the shedding of the inner lining of the Uterus, which causes menstruation.

Can you get prengant your period come?

It is biologically impossible to menstruate while pregnant - however it is possible to experience vaginal bleeding during pregnancy, which you might mistake for menstruation. It is biologically impossible to get pregnant during menstruation - however it is possible to get pregnant as a result of sex during menstruation as given the right environment sperm can survive in the vagina for up to 7 days, by which time you may ovulate. You may mistake ovulation bleeding for menstruation.

Can you come on your period while your pregnant?

No - it's biologically impossible to menstruate while you are pregnant as the body prevents ovulation and prevents the break-down in uterus lining as it is needed to supprot the foetus.

How does the uterus come out after the baby?

The uterus does not come out. However, the placenta does (following the same path the baby did).

When does ovulation start after miscarriage?

I would wait for a normal period to come after miscarriage bleeding you can add 14 days to the first day of the period this is the time most women ovulate.

What happens inside the uterus as an egg matures in the ovary?

Since the egg has not yet come down the fellopian tubes, the uterus is empty. And nothing really happens except for the formation of a linnin on the uterin walls, the linning is made up of nutrients and blood to feed the (would be) fertilized egg. Once the egg passes down and is not fertilized, then the linnin that built up on the uterus gets shed along with the egg during the monthly bleeding

At what point of the painful ovulation is intercourse best for conception before the pain during the pain or shortly after the pain?

Pain during ovulatory times can come before while the follicle is filling with fluid, during while the follicle is actually rupturing to release the egg, or following due to the formation of the corpus luteum. At ovulation, the ovum (egg) is dropped into the tube where it awaits sperm. If sperm are on hand and penetrate the egg fertilization occurs. Your most fertile times are about 3 days before ovulation and the day after ovulation just to make sure you've got it covered. You can tell ovulation with the great new digital ovulation predictor kits they have out now, you should also see a change in your cervical mucus where it turns into an eggwhite consistency a few days before ovulation. That mucus is where the sperm will thrive. It provides a nice environment for the swimmers...they can feed off of the nutrients in it to make the journey up through the uterus thru the tube to the egg. I would say any of those three days leading up to ovulation and the actual ovulation day itself and you should have everything covered.

Do babies come from the stomach?

No babies come from the Uterus, the uterus holds the baby and swells- so it looks like the stomach is getting bigger but actually it is the uterus.

What causes bleeding from vagina during a bowel movement?

Straining during BMs causes the cervix (the knob of hard tissue in-between the uterus and the top of the vagina) to be pushed toward the opening of the vagina. If you are anywhere near your period it may just be period blood being pushed out as you strain (it fact I generally strain this way when I'm on my period to get more blood to come out). If you're in the middle of your cycle you may have a little bit of blood (spotting) on the day of your ovulation. If it seems like it isn't either of these two things then you may want to consult a gynecologist.

What happens to the unfertalised ovum after ovulation does it stay inside or come out?

it will come out..

What is ovulation cycle?

This is known as the menstrual cycle. The first day of menstrual bleeding is the first day of the menstrual cycle, The day before that is the last. The menstrual cycle is usually about 28 days long It can be longer or shorter depending on the individual. In any case we will work with a 28 day cycle here. Ovulation usually happens 1/2 way into the cycle that is 14 days. At this time an Ovum is released via the oviducts and can come in contact with sperm that is ejaculated by the male and be fertilized. The fertilized ovum will then make its way to the wall of the uterus and implant itself into a specialy prepared lining and then begin to develop a baby. If the ovum is not fertilized it will break up after about two days which will activate hormones that will cause the lining on the uterus to start falling away. When thisstarts to happen you get menstrual bleeding. Menstrual bleeding usually lasts for about 3 to 7 days and when done a new lining is created on the uterus in preparation for the next fertilized ovum. Remember though if you use this information to avoid becoming pregnant Thet sperm can remain alive within the uterus for about 4 days so even if ovulation has not occurred yet having sex 4 days before can lead to pregnancy. So the period in which to avoid unprotected sex in a normal 28 day cycle would be days 9 to days 17.

When the lining of your uterus is shedding does it come out in your urine?

no, it will come out when you have your period.

Can you take birth control to start having periods?

A true period is an event that happens after ovulation. Bleeding other than a period can happen without ovulation, but is called withdrawal bleeding (which is the kind you get when you are on hormonal contraceptives) or breakthrough bleeding. If you are concerned about your health because you are not having periods taking artificial hormones is not going to help, but only make your health worse. If you are waiting for a first period, don't despair, it will come! If you are in a state of amenorrhea do some things to improve your health and you can bring your period back.

If your period is late does that change your ovulation date?

Your period follows ovulation not the other way round so if your period has come late your ovulation was about 14 days beforehand.

If you take a ovulation test during pregnancy would it come up positive?

it should show you are pregnant Hello there. A Ovulation test will ONLY come out positive when LSH....the Ovulating hormone has been found in your urine. Some women do claim to of had a positive Ovulation test during early pregnancy but this information is so inconclusive that its not a reliable pregnancy testing method at this time. To determine if you are pregnant, its adviseable to buy a pregnancy test and see your doctor for a blood test to be certain.

What happens during the menstruation cycle?

Menstrual cycle is a cycle of physiological changes that can occur in fertile females. Overt menstruation where the blood flow from the uterus through the vagina occurs primarily in humans and close evolutionary relatives such as chimpanzees. It mainly occurs due to chage in hormone level in the body. If a girl has menses it means she is ready to become mother after conception. Most fertile days to get pregnant are 12-14 days. Menstrual cycle is of 28-35d ays depending upon women. Lets take it is of 28 days: from 1-5 days it is called as bleeding phase when blood and shedding of endometrium walls of uterus come out from urethra due to decreased level of progestrone hormone Pain may occur during this period due to release of prostaglandins hormone. 5-14 days it is called as preparatory phase as uterus reforms its endometrium due to increased level of LH & FSH hormone. On 14th day ovulation occurs i.e. ovum is released from the ovary in uterus then 14-28 days uterus walls prepares themselves to get zygote if fertilzation occurs. This period is called luteal phase and if no fertilization occurs ovum is shed out in bleeding phase, and the cycle continues.

What happen to the uterus lining if no pregnancy occurs?

The uterus lining will come loose and a mentral cycle will begin.

If you are on the pill will your period still come if you bled during the seven day break from it?

If you missed seven days of your pill, and you had some bleeding, your next period may not be a normal period. It may not come at the regular time, and it might not be normal amount of bleeding.

Which comes first ovulation or menstruation?

Menstruation is the body's way of disposing of an unfertilised egg, so ovulation must come first.