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Yes it does. I was in anchorage Alaska for a week and my boost-mobile phone worked fine

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Q: Does boost mobile have good coverage in Alaska?
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Does boost mobile have good coverage?

no it does not

Is boost moble generally fast?

Boost Mobile runs on the Sprint network so it is good quality coverage. However, Boost Mobile is not as widely available as other carriers so it may be slow in certain locations.

Which phone network is best to go on if you have bad credit?

Att and Boost Mobile have great pre-paid plans and new touch screen and smart phones for a good price.. Also it counts on your area where you live..Att has better coverage,,boost mobile is spotty on the rural areas...

Which prepaid cell phones offer good coverage and service?

There are many prepaid companies to choose from including Cricket, Virgin Mobile, and Boost. They all have something to offer depending on your individual needs. To receive all of the data package advantages, Boost is my choice.

Does iPhone 4 have good coverage in rural areas?

The coverage is dependant on your network supplier and how good the mobile signal coverage is in your particular country. In the UK most coverage is about 98%.

How good is T Mobile service in California?

Large parts of the urban areas of California have T Mobile coverage, but it would be best to go to the T Mobile website and consult their zoomable coverage range map. T Mobile definitely has dead zones in California where no coverage is available.

Who has better coverage metro pcs or boost mobile?

Well i can say Metro PCS sucks alot of dropped calls reception sucks people always tell me they cant hear me sounds like im far away an over all garbage experience Im thinking about switching to Boost mobile, i hear more good than bad when doing a comparison between the 2 plus the shrinking payments every year your with Boost plus their on the sprint network better coverage.

Which Phone company has the best LTE Coverage T-Mobile-At and t-Sprint- Or Verizon?

According to coverage maps, all of these companies have good coverage. Verizon has the most coverage in most places. At & T is a close second. T-Mobile has about 3/4 the coverage of the other two.

Does Virgin Mobile work in the state of Alaska?

No, Virgin Mobile does not work in the state of Alaska. Maybe sometime soon they will put service out there. I know Verizon works there and it works good.

Are Vodafone Mobile phones worth it do they have good coverage?

It looks like the vodafone would have good coverage. It would also depend on the service provider that you used to have the service go through as to where the towers are and what the actual coverage will be.

Does the vodafone mobile phone have coverage in the Chicago area?

yes the vodafone mobile phone has coverage all over the place and Chicago is one of the better places because it has a good connections for most of this carriers phones.

What are some goods examples of really good mobile phones for people who enjoy smartphones but can not afford a two year contract plan?

There are a wide range of good smartphones that are available with no contract. As an example Best Buy offers the Boost Mobile HTC One phone and the Virgin Mobile Samsung Galaxy Victory 4G with no contract. The Blackberry Curve is also available with no contract from Boost Mobile and Virgin Mobile.