Does carbonate contain silicate

Updated: 9/19/2023
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No. A carbonate ion consists of carbon and oxygen. A silicate ion consists of silicon and oxygen.

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Q: Does carbonate contain silicate
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How are carbonate mineral different from silicate minerals?

Carbonate minerals contain carbon and oxygen in the form of the carbonate ion (CO3-), whereas silicate minerals contain silicon and oxygen in the form of various ions containing silicon and oxygen.

Is dolomite non silicate?

Yes. Dolomite is a carbonate, not a silicate.

Is mica a carbonate?

No. Mica is a silicate.

Is mica carbonate?

No. Mica is a silicate.

Is malachite a silicate or a non silicate mineral?

Malachite is a non-silicate mineral. It's classified as a carbonate.

Is nickel a silicate or carbonate?

Nickel is a metal. It can be found in a compound as a silicate or carbonate but in its pure form, it is neither. It has many characteristics similar to iron. It is magnetic like iron.

What 2 elements does silicate contain?

Silicate ions contain silicon and oxygen. Silicate compounds usually contain at least one third element as a cation.

Types of minerals that contain oxygen and silicon?

Silicate minerals.

What must contain a silicate mineral?

Silicate is literally Silicon and Oxygen. To be a silicate, therefore, a mineral must contain SiO2. The classic Silicate is Quartz, which is pure SiO2.

What is the element that combines with silicon to form a silicate?

Basically, silicate is (SiO2)n.SiO32- so the other element is Oxygen (remark: compare silicate with carbonate CO32- )

Is silicate or non silicate?

Gold is an element and as it does not contain any silicon it is therefore a non silicate.

Is gold a silicate?

No gold is not a silicate, because it does no contain oxygen and silicon.