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there is no evidence that it does, but keep it to a minimum.

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Q: Does cell phone use cause miscarriages?
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Does cell phone use while driving cause a lot of car accidents?

Yes. This the main reason why there are cell phone use laws while driving.

Is it ok to answer your cell phone when it is plugged into an electrical outlet?

it is not recommended to use your cell phone when charging, this could cause the circuits to short. Ideally you should charge your battery when your phone is turned off

How do people use the cell phone?

People use the cell phone by calling or texting someone to get into touch with them. You have to click the buttons on the phone to use the phone.

Is cell phone use unconstitutional?

The use of a cell phone is unlikely to be a constitutional issue.

Where can one learn to use a cell phone?

Someone can learn how to use a cell phone by checking online sites that tell how to use the type of cell phone one has. Also, someone can go to a cell phone provider, such as a store, and ask someone for help using the phone.

Is it dangerous to use a cell phone while it is recharging?

No, it is not dangerous to use a cell phone while it is recharging.

What does a cell phone data plan do?

A cell phone data plan allows you to go online on your cell phone or use an email client on your phone.

What are most common things that cause miscarriages?

Drug or alcohol use, over exertion stress, genetics.

Cell Phone Accessories?

form_title=Cell Phone Accessories form_header=Improve your cell phone's use with cell phone accessories. What types of accessories are you looking for?=_ What model of phone are you using?=_ What operating system is running on your phone?=_

Is there a certain type of cell phone or service on the cell phone you have to have to use twitter?

You can use any mobile device.

How does a cell phone use electromagnets?

cell phones use electromagnets by ..........

Can you use a LG cell phone charger with a Motorola cell phone?

no dont be stupid

Can professional truck driver use cell phone while driving?

no because they can cause wrecks they should only use ear peices

What is the best cell phone 2012?

The best cell phone for you really depends on what you are going to use it for. I would go to your local cell phone store and ask them which cell phone is the best for your needs.

Will a cell phone explode if you talk on it while it's charging?

A cell phone is unlikely to explode if you use it while charging. However, it is quit risky to use it while charging as it emits radio active waves that may cause health issues.

How do I call a tow truck from my cell phone?

You can use your cell phone to call a tow truck. If you have the service with your cell phone provider dial 611.

Can you use any cell phone as a go phone?

You can use any cell phone with the AT&T or Cingular logo on it as a Go Phone, but not any other phone without the specified carrier's logos on it.

Are the metals or chemicals in a cell phone harm humans?

Absolutely, didn't you know they can harm and cause you to death... it's a better idea if use your cell phone away from your ear and no so close and stay safe!

Is cell phone jammer dangerous for health?

No more so than the use of a cell phone.

What must you do to avoid your cell phone number to appear on the receiver's cell phone?

use *67

How to locate someone by cell phone number?

use a reverse cell phone directory online.

Is getting a prepaid phone card a good deal if you use it on a cell phone?

Yes, getting a prepaid phone card is a good deal if you use it on a cell phone. Unless you already have a cell phone plan with unlimited minutes, in which case you are wasting your money.

Is there a way to use a galaxy tablet as a cell phone?

I have one and haven't been able to use it as a cell phone. I even tried to pair it to my bluetooth and cell phone to see if that would work. It didn't.

How much data is used in normal daily use in cell phone usage?

It all depends how offten you use you cell phone

How long has the cell phone been in use?

The cell phone has been in use since 1946. First Price tag: $2,500.00

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