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If your referring to the cooling portion of your central air conditioning the answer is no.

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What is the purpose of a crankcase heater on a compressor

What kind of head pressure would you experience if the condenser fan motor became inoperative

What are the three letters on a compressor terminal block

Hole in your transition betweenfurnace an the evaporator will this cause the evaporator to freeze up

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Q: Does central air conditioning need combustion air the way a furnace does?
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Not really, there's not much airflow when the furnace is not running.

Does furnace need A-coil to hook a central air unit to it?

Yes it does.

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Never, unless you have a leak.

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It all depends upon your setup. You need to find where the return duct is connected to your airhandler/furnace. You could have a return filter grill or there is a door/panel on your airhandler/furnace that must be opened to replace the filter.

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