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yes, u can test this by putting the chalk in water

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Q: Does chalk dissolve in water and how could you test it?
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How could you test that instant coffee granules dissolve in water?

You could always put the granules in water....

Can you test pills in vinegar to see if they dissolve?

I thought that you could test pills in vinegar to see if they dissolve. That would tell you if they dissolve in your body.

How does a skittle dissolve in water?

well it depends on the tempeture...but for hot water it takes like maybe 34-40 minutes to dissolve in water and for cold water.. would maybeee 45-55 minutes to dissolve..but you guys should test it just to make sure ;)

How do you test the presence of potassium bromate in flour?

Presumably, one could dissolve a certain amount of flour in water, then look for the bromate anion in the water. Bromate anion research methods are good to ppb levels.

What scientific test distinguished marble from chalk?

The "Izite Test" named after the german scientist "Gude Izite" allows one to tell the difference between marble and chalk.

What substances will dissolve easly in water?

The two basic substances that dissolve easily in water are sugar and salt. It's a little harder to have flour dissolve in water, though. This is a great opportunity for you to test things out! Get a small glass of water. Grab a pinch of a powdery substance such as cinnamon or nutmeg. Drop the powdery substance into the glass of water, and watch it carefully for about 6 or 10 minutes.

How do detergents and soaps work?

the "soap or detergent" act like solvents which dissolve into the water creating the water to be a cleaning solution (this was on my science test and this is the scientific term)

How can you tell if its an acid?

Add an alkali substance to it, such as chalk, if it is an acid it will "fizz" and release carbon dioxide. You could also test with Litmus Paper or Universal indicator.

How do you test different solvents to test different solids to see if they are soluble?

A very good way to see if some solid is soluble in a solvent is to see if the solid has the same polarity. If these oppose they will not!! dissolve or even mix. Most Salts are soluble in a polar solution like Water. There are other solids that need something like petrol or an organic Solvent to dissolve them. You could also search for the "Solubility Rules".

How do you test for lipids using emulsion test?

The procedure is for the sample to be suspended in ethanol, allowing lipids present to dissolve. The ethanolic solution is then decanted into water. Since lipids do not dissolve in water, when the ethanol is diluted, it falls out of solution to give an emulsion. b8d7e385-e2f2-47f5-8c06-26f0aee337b6 Y2:b8d7e385-e2f2-47f5-8c06-26f0aee337b6

What color should the flame test carried out on a sample of chalk give?

red :)

How could you test how well a soil retains water?

an expirement