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Q: Does charcoal have a high density or a low density?
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How do changes in temperature of air affect its density?

if it is high the density is high so if the temperature is low the density is low.

Is an anticyclone high pressure?

yes, anticyclones are high density and high pressure and cyclones are low density and low pressure

Why does water have low density?

Water do not have a low density.It has a comparatively high density.

What is zoning density?

How high or low the density of your city is.

Honey's density is high or low?


4 Why do coal walkers successfully walk on charcoal but not on hot steam pipes?

Charcoal is low in density, so even if its hot it hasn't got much heat to transfer. basically when you touch it it cools off. A steel steam pipe is high density and has lots of energy to transfer. touching that one will give you blisters.

Is the density of a liquid high or low?

it is nor high or low but medium.

Is sodium a high density or low density element?

Quite low density: 0.968 g·cm−3

Is the population density high or low in Alaska?


What is the movement of particles from a high density to a low density?


Does iron have low density?

No, the density of iron is fairly high.

Is the density low or high for the oceanic crust?