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Does child support have to be paid for a 15 yr old that hasn't attended school for over a yr?


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child support is used for parents who are divorced and have legal custody of the child, so the parent gets money from his/her spouse to help support and raise the child

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Child support and visitation are separate issues and visitation rights are not dependent on paying child support. He has the right to petition the court for visitation and custody as well as the responsibility to pay child support. The courts encourage the involvement of both parents in the child's life. If the parents are not married the father may need to establish his paternity before petitioning for visitations or custody.

-He was just arrested due to a warrant in wisconsin for not appearing for his last child support court date. he hasnt had a job in 9 months. A body attachment was issued for his courtdate, and he is in contempt of court. He had a bond of $500 which he couldnt post, so he will see the judge in two days. I was wondering what his penalty might be.

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I don't think there is any way to collect child support, when NCP doesn't want to be found. I don't know your situation. We have been trying to get child support for my stepson for 10 yrs. We have gone through the state "child support enforcement" and gotten no where. placed a warrant for abandonment, with a current address, but they would not extradite.We also enrolled in a program that you pay them when you finally receive any monies. Still Waiting! What do you do when a parent has no job,liscense,moves all the time, and has a mother who enables this behavior! I hope your situation is better then ours! Goodluck and the first step is through your states CSE office. You need a lawyer to track him down and take him to court if he is not willing too. Tell him if he doesn't sign him over you'll sue for child support.

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