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No. Chocolate is made from cocoa, which is the pulverized powder of the seeds of the CACAO tree (Theobroma cacao). Cocaine is derived from the COCA plant (Ethroxylon coca).

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Q: Does chocolate and cocaine come from the same plant?
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Do chocolate and cocaine come from the same plant?

yes like all drugs

Does cocaine and chocolate come from the same plant?

Simply No, two completely unrelated plants.

Do coffee and chocolate come from same plant?

No they do not Coffee comes from the coffee plant or tree, chocolate is a derivitive from the cocoa plant, and its fruit, the cocoa bean.

Does cocaine and the cocoa bean come from the same plant?

No. Cocaine comes from the leaves of the coca plant (Erythroxylaceae coca), whereas the cocoa bean (Theobroma cacao), where chocolate is made from, comes from the cocoa tree. Coca is a shrub whereas cocoa is a tree. Check out the related links below for more information.

Will cocaine test the same as vivance on a drug test?

cocaine will come up as cocaine on a drug test and vyvanse will come up as an amphetamine on a drug test

Where does milk come from for chocolate?

Same Place we usually get milk, from cows.

Is cocoa and coca the same thing?

No. Cocoa or Theobroma cacao is the plant where cocoa pods come from and is a primary ingredient in chocolate. It is native to the deep tropical regions of the Americas. Coca or Erythroxylum coca, on the other hand, is native to north-western South America and is the major ingredient in cocaine. The two plants come from different families and bear no relation to each other in composition or appearance despite similarities in name.

How are cauliflower and broccoli same?

They are not the same, they are similar because they come from the same plant family.

Do peas and green beans come from the same plant?


Are baking chocolate and unsweetened chocolate the same thing?

Yes, baker's chocolate and unsweetened chocolate are the same.

Is caffeine same as cocaine?


Do poppy seed and heroin come from the same plant?


Do all types of tea come from the same plant?

of course not..

Explain Why scientists will find that leaf cells and root cells in the same plant contain the same number of chromosomes?

they contain the same number of chromosomes because they come from the same plant.

Does crack come up differently from cocaine in a drug test?

No, it will not. Crack is simply cocaine prepared with baking soda in a way that makes it smokeable so a drug test performed on someone who has taken crack and someone who has taken cocaine will return the same chemical signature.

Is cannibas the same as opoids?

No. Cannabis is a plant, with THC in it. Opioid's, come from the Poppy plant and synthesized into a narcotic

Will cocaine and methadone show up the same as opiates?

cocaine does not, neither will methadone or suboxone.

Are chocolate milk and chocolate milkshake the same?

Chocolate milk and chocolate milkshakes aren't the same thing.Milk that is flavored with chocolate is called chocolate milk. If it's made as a milkshake it's a chocolate milkshake.

Do the cells below come from a plant or an animal?

i think it's because the plant cell and the animal cell are the same

Why do plant cuttings give identical plants?

they come from the original plant itself, so it would contain the same DNA of the original plant. However, the plant would not have the exact same characteristics because it isn't growing off the plant, it has been cut off and will become its own, new plant, but will be of the same origin.

Are white chocolate and dark chocolate made the same?

White chocolate is made the same way as milk chocolate and dark chocolate -- the difference is the ingredients. Because white chocolate has no cocoa solids from the chocolate liquor, the FDA doesn't classify it as chocolate

How does cocaine affect colored families?

Cocaine affects black people the same as white people. There is absolutely no difference in the effects of Cocaine with any race.

Is chocolate actual chocolate?

yes, because for chocolate to be real chocolate, it has to do the same thing as a regular chocolate factory does.

Is rubber come from plant?

It used to be derived from the same plant which bubble gum is made from. Now everything is synthetic, so no.

Is raw chocolate the same thing as baking chocolate?


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