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Current ingredients are carbonated water, sugar or high fructose corn syrup, caffeine, phosphoric acid, caramel coloring and natural flavorings.

The contents of the natural flavorings include the Coca-Cola formula, which has been secret since it's release to the public. The rumor about it containing horse urine is based around the secrecy of the formula.

Had the formula actually contained horse urine, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) wouldn't have approved it.


The answer above is WRONG. The reason why it has been told that pop has horse pee in it is because it does. Phosphoric Acid comes directly from horse pee. Its the only source. Claiming the FDA would protect us is completely naive considering the long running evidence that proves otherwise. They are corrupt and should be considered our enemy.


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Does coca cola contain horse urine?

There are people who say that Coca Cola contains horse urine. There have been many "secret" ingredients out there but it does not make it true. They could not sell a product that is made with horse urine.

Does cola contain horse urine?

No, else the FDA wouldn't have approved it.

Does Coca-Cola contain quinine?

Not anymore except Beverly, a specific coca cola. However, cocacola used to contain quinine.

Why is urine smelling like ammonia?

Human urine does not contain ammonia. But animal urine can contain ammonia.

Do glow sticks contain urine?

No, but glowsticks contain phosphorus(an element), that is made from urine.

When was cocacola invented?

Cocacola was invented in 1886 but i dont know who by

Is there cocain in cocacola?

there used to be cocain in cocacola but not nowa days.

Does urine contain germs?

Normal, healthy urine is sterile when it's in the bladder and does not contain germs.

What contains urine?

tears contain urine. 90% of tears are urine.The bladder.

Is energy drinks made of horse urine?

No. Energy drinks do not have any horse urine. They have salts, sugars, and flavorings,

Does urine contain ammonia?

Yes, urine contains ammonia.

What is the Nitrogen content of horse urine?

The exact content of nitrogen in horse urine will need to be tested. Human urine contains approximately 15-19% nitrogen.

What percent of perfumes contain whale urine in US?

about 75% of all perfume in the US contain whale urine and 50% contain monkey blood.

Is sodium chloride in urine?

Urine contain sodium from sodium chloride.

How does urine conduct electricity?

This is possible because urine contain electrolytes.

What are the future plans for the coca cola company?

future plane of cocacola future plane of cocacola

Punch line of cocacola?

I've seen things that say "Coke (cocacola) adds to life"

Does horse urine or manure kill pine trees?

Horse urine or manure does not kill pine trees. The urine should be diluted because salts can accumulate in the soil which is not good for the pine.

Does diet Mountain Dew contain aspartame?

Almost all diet drinks now contain aspertame - take a look at No added sugar Robinson's diluting juice - that even contains it! Diet drinks from pepsico and cocacola all contain it

What salts are in urine?

Normal urine contain sodium, potassium and calcium chlorides.

What makes cocacola a quality product?

Very good taste of cocacola makes ait a quality product.

How many countries have operating cocacola stores are over the world?

how many countries have opertating cocacola stored

Is phosphoric acid in horse urine?

Actually, phosphoric acid is concentrated hourse urine

Do hot dogs contain horse meat?

Most of them that you buy at the grocery store do not contain horse meat. You can get them specially made with horse meat but not all of them do.

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