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Coffee can reduce sperm count but only very slightly.


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What home remedies can you take to improve your sperm count more citrus fruits, work on improving your vitamin C count, reduce coffee and tea( as caffeine is not good for sperm count),

Alcohol can reduce sperm count, but only very slightly.

Alcohol does reduce sperm count, but only very slightly.

No, eating polos will not lower your sperm count. How ever eating a fatty diet can reduce a mans sperm count by 40%

Yes you can have a low sperm count if you are a regular user of a labtop for long periods. It is the radiation that is responsible.

all cigarettes lower sperm count lol there are no special cigarettes that are healthy for your balls.

No. This is a very common myth related to sperm count. Documented causes of reduced sperm count are sitting in a hot tub, wearing tight undies, caffeine and some drugs can reduce sperm count.

Yes, a lack of sleep can have a negative effect on a male's sperm count. It has been reported that a lack of sleep can reduce a man's sperm count by a third.

No asthma medicine will not reduce your sperm count anyway.

Smoking marijuana does decrease sperm count. It also decreases seminal fluid, and causes the sperm to swim in a more uncoordinated manner.

The heat from a heated waterbed can reduce sperm count by 10%. Thats not enough to affect anything.

Perhaps, depending on how you use it and how hot it gets. Heating the testicles can reduce sperm count, so guys should avoid placing a hot laptop computer directly in their lap.

No. By the time you get blood pressure, your sperm count becomes naturally low due to advanced age.

It's often said that cigerette smoking and tight boxers can reduce sperm count.

You can get a vasectomy and have 0 sperm cells in your semen. To reduce the count you can add stress to your body, wear tight underwear or have one of your testicles cut out.

No but on other hand Mountain Dew reduces sperm count and if pepsi does it doesn't matter because men produce a lot of sperm, so there is nothing to worry about.

YES! Submerging the male penis into high temperatures will decrease sperm count and quality.

Not at this point but there are some that are being developed

No, but excessive masturbation may reduce your sperm count.

Alcohal and tobacco consumption will decrease the blood circulation. It will resulting the low sperm / egg production.

Tight fitting underwear can reduce sperm count.

Old age can cause lower sperm count.Physical injury can cause lower sperm count.Ingesting harmful substances (some drugs and chemicals) can cause lower sperm count.Interestingly - too much heat in the groin area can lower sperm count too - which is one reason doctors may recommend a man switch from briefs to boxers when having trouble with low sperm count. The briefs tend to keep the scrotum warmer and may reduce sperm production.

Heating the testes can reduce sperm.

* Good judgement * A low sperm count * poor sperm quality, eg: low motility, and or sperm abnormalities * substance abuse can temporairly reduce sperm count and motility * smoking reduces sperm count and motility * certain lubricants are injurious to sperm And many other things such as varicocele and prostatitis and sexually transmitted disease and hormone disfunction. See the links below:

Yes, tanning beds can reduce sperm count. Sperm is stored in the testes in the scrotum for a reason. The sperm needs to be held in the scrotum because sperm cannot survive the regular body temperature and needs to be kept at a lower temperature (in the scrotum). When men tan, the temperature of the sperm increases, killing them.

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