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Does compressed air weigh more than regular air?

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Yes, because the air is heavier when it is compressed if you compare it to an equal volume of air at standard pressure that is less compressed.

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Does compressed air weigh more than non compressed air?

Since weight is the measure of an object's gravitational pull, the compressed air does not weigh more. The difference is in the density of the air. A tank filled with compressed air will weigh more than a tank that is filled with air at normal atmospheric pressure.

Does compressed air weigh more than non-compressed air?

Yes Yes

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Why carbon dioxide can be compressed more than milk?

Because gases can be compressed more easily than liquids. This is because the particles in gases are more far apart than the particles are in liquids so have more room between them to be compressed together(:

Does compressed air sink more than non compressed air?


Why do you weigh less in sea water?

Because sea water is more dense than regular water

Does compressed air have more density than non compressed air?

Yes, because its volume is less than the volume of non-compressed air.

Which can get compressed the most a solid and liquid or gas?

A gas can be compressed more than a liquid and a solid.

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9.7% less than you weigh on Earth, 138% more than you weigh on Mars.

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Is liquid more condensed than gas?

yes, the atoms are more compressed in liquid than gas

Why can gases be compressed more than liquids and liquids more than solids?

Gases have the space between their molecules, and so can be compressed the most. Next is liquid which has more space between the molecules than a solid, but not as much space as in a gas. So, it an be compressed also, but not as much as can a gas. And finally, a solid does not have much space between molecules and thus cannot be compressed too much.

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Is compressed air more buoyant than atmospheric air?

no, it is denser.

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