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Yes it does. The object's acceleration is still 9.8 meters per second2 downward,

regardless of its initial velocity up, down, or sideways.

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What is your acceleration if you have a constant velocity?

If your velocity is constant, then your acceleration is zero.

Should acceleration be constant?

Acceleration must be constant to use kinematic equations. Acceleration need not be constant if working with energy.

How are constant force is related to mass and acceleration?

Force = (mass) times (acceleration) Constant force produces constant acceleration.

An object with constant velocity is said to have a constant acceleration true or false?

False. An object at constant velocity is at zero or no acceleration. Of course, if the acceleration is always 0, then it is a constant acceleration of zero.

An object will have constant acceleration if?

An object will have constant acceleration if the net force on it is constant in magnitude.

Can an object be moving at a constant speed and acceleration?

When the acceleration is at constant 0, then the velocity will be constant.

What is the acceleration of a rain drop that falls at a constant velocity?

If the velocity is constant then there is no acceleration. The acceleration is zero.

Compare the tension of a train with constant speed and acceleration?

Unless the train is in a curve, you cannot have constant speed and constant acceleration. You either have constant speed and zero acceleration, or you have changing speed and constant acceleration. Please restate the question.

What is acceleration when velocity is constant?

there is no acceleration if the body is moving with constant velocity

Why when velocity is constant but acceleration is not constant?

That can't happen. If there is any acceleration at all, then velocity is not constant.

In free fall is the velocity or acceleration constant?

Acceleration is constant.Velocity increases at a constant rate.

What is the difference between constant speed and constant acceleration?

Constant speed means that speed doesn't change. Constant acceleration means that acceleration doesn't change. (If the acceleration is anything but zero, speed WILL change.)

Is it possible to achieve a constant acceleration?

Yes - for a while. Or indefinitely, if you will accept zero acceleration as "constant acceleration".

How do you find final velocity when you have constant acceleration constant velocity and time?

If you have constant acceleration, then you can't have constant velocity. (Unless the acceleration is constantly zero.)Final velocity = [initial velocity] + [ (acceleration) x (time) ]

Can something have both a constant velocity and constant acceleration?

No it cannot. It is either one or the other. For constant velocity, acceleration must be 0, meaning there is no acceleration happening here. If there is constant acceleration, then the velocity is constantly changing.

How are constant speed and constant acceleration different?

There is a huge difference between constant speed and constant acceleration. Constant speed is when the object is travelling constant, no change in its velocity and acceleration or in other words no extra force to speed up. Constant acceleration when the object is acceleration constant, it means that the speed of the object is change at the same rate each second. The acceleration rate at which the object is travelling is constant. for example, when a car is stationary at a traffic light and it starts acceleration, picking up speed but the rate of acceleration will not constant because the amount of force applied differs each second due to the acceleration rate.

An object with constant velocity has positive acceleration?

An object with constant velocity has no acceleration.

As speed increases for an object in free fall does its acceleration increase also?

No. Acceleration is constant. The effect of constant acceleration is speed that increases at a constant rate.

If a car is traveling at a constant speed of 60 miles per hour for 30 minutes what is the acceleration?

Constant speed (in a straight line) means there is no acceleration.Constant speed (in a straight line) means there is no acceleration.Constant speed (in a straight line) means there is no acceleration.Constant speed (in a straight line) means there is no acceleration.

When a body has velocity no constant has acceleration or no?

Yes. If a body has a constant velocity there is no acceleration, but if the velocity is changing there is acceleration present.

What is the acceleration of a object that moves at constant velocity?

Acceleration is change of velocity. If velocity is constant ... "no change" ... then acceleration is zero.

If an object has constant velocity what is its acceleration?

Acceleration is the rate of change of velocity. Constant velocity means zero acceleration.

Is motion with constant velocity an example of motion with constant acceleration?

Well, technically yes, and we even know the magnitude of the constant acceleration.If velocity is constant, that tells you that acceleration is zero, which sounds likea constant to us.

How does the mass vary with acceleration at constant force?

Mass decreases with acceleration with constant force, m=F/a = constant/a.

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