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No, it will not. Crack is simply cocaine prepared with baking soda in a way that makes it smokeable so a drug test performed on someone who has taken crack and someone who has taken cocaine will return the same chemical signature.

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Q: Does crack come up differently from cocaine in a drug test?
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Related questions

What drug category is cocaine and crack listed at?

Crack/Cocaine is listed as a stimulant.

Can you fail a urine drug test from touching crack cocaine?

No. Cocaine and crack cocaine cannot be absorbed through the skin.

What class is crack?

In the UK, Crack cocaine is a class A drug.

When was crack cocaine used as a drug in Chicago?

Crack cocaine is still widely used, just about everywhere in the United States.

What medications will make you come up positive on a drug test?

Ritalin comes up as crack cocaine I believe

What illegal drug requires the use of steelwool or pan scrubber?

It's used for crack cocaine, drug user's that smoke crack use's the steel-wool as a filter to smoke there rock of crack.

How long does it take for crack cocaine to not show up on urine drug test?

crack cocaine last three days in the blood or urine system.

What class is crack cocaine in?

it's a class A drug

What does crack show up as on a drug test?


What has the author Sue Mahan written?

Sue Mahan has written: 'Crack cocaine, crime, and women' -- subject(s): Drug abuse and crime, Drug abuse in pregnancy, Drug use, Crack (Drug), Women, Cocaine abuse

Will cocaine test the same as vivance on a drug test?

cocaine will come up as cocaine on a drug test and vyvanse will come up as an amphetamine on a drug test

What has the author Marilyn Carroll written?

Marilyn Carroll has written: 'Cocaine and Crack (Drug Library)' 'PCP, the dangerous angel' -- subject(s): Drug abuse, Drugs, Juvenile literature, Phencyclidine, Phencyclidine abuse, Toxicology 'Cocaine and crack' -- subject(s): Cocaine abuse, Crack (Drug), Drug abuse, Juvenile literature

Is Crack the strongest form of marijuana?

No. Crack is a cocaine based drug that is often smoked or snorted.

Will creatine mask crack cocaine in a urine test?

Nothing can hide crack cocaine, marijuana, lsd, meth, etc etc from a drug test!!

Which drug is also called crack?

You are referring to crack cocaine. It is the crystal form of cocaine which is heated and smoked. When it is heated, it makes popping or cracking noises.

What drug category is cocaine and crack in?

Cocaine and Crack are Methamphetaimnes they are classified as such because they alter your bodys compistition so that an individual is able to stay up for days.

What drug smells like burnt or burning plastic when smoked?

crack cocaine

What is crack the drug word?

Crack cocaine is the freebase form of cocaine that can be smoked. It may also be termed rock, hard, iron, cavvy, base, or just crack; it is the most addictive form of cocaine.[1] Crack rocks offer a short but intense high to smokers

Will you pass your drug test you used smoked crack 14 days ago?

I smoked crack cocaine 14 days ago will I pass my drug test tomorrow

What is the worst drug for your body?

Crystal meth. actually crack and cocaine

Will k2 show up on drug screen?

yes, as crack cocaine.

How pass a drug screen for crack cocaine?

Im calling the cops

Is Jim Jones mother a drug addict?

yes crack cocaine

What drug is called charlie?

Cocaine, Crack Cocaine, Gold Dust, Coke, C, Big C Foo Foo, Cola.

What does cocaine come up as in a drug test?

Drug tests specifically test for cocaine. So it will show up as cocaine.

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